Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#Elections : First stage results

The results have not been announced but the Freedom and Justice party is wining unsurprisingly. Nobody expected other than that this result so I do not know why people are freaking out online in social networks ,may be because they discovered now that Egypt at least those 9 governorates are not on twitter and on Facebook , may be because they discovered now that those 9 governorates are on the Tahrir compass.

This is something expected for months based on the fact that the Muslim brotherhood and the Salafists were working for months in the streets and the governorates so please stop whining and freaking out when you did nothing to reach out for the people.

The Egyptian people chose something and we have to respect those choice.

Already this parliament can have a short life.

Now I included below the results so far according to the leaks , this data will be updated accordingly.

In Cairo so far :

In East Cairo constituency the rivalry is between Mustafa Bakry and the Salafist candidate , Nasser Amin has lost unfortunately. Here is video showing the counting process from Helwan.

Helwan : Counting process

In Kasr El Nil constituency the rivalry is between Gamila Ismail and Mohamed Abu Hamed of Egyptian bloc on single seat. Update : News that she won.

In Nasr city single Seat constituency the rivalry is between Mustafa El Naggar of El Adl and Mohamed Morsi of Salafists.

In Heliopolis single seat constituency the rivalry is between Amr Hamzawy and the FJ’s candidate yet there could be developments that can change the results upside down and we can have re-rurn.

In Alexandria so far :

The Muslim brotherhood’ list and the Nour party list are competing in Alexandria fiercely. 

1st Constituency in Alexandria : Famous Salafist preacher and spokesperson of famous Salafist Da’oa Abdel Moneim El Shahat  is advancing. Here is running for the single seat.

2nd constituency in Alexandria : There could be a rerun between Tarek Talaat Mustafa “Independent” and the Judge El Khodairy “ FJ Party” on the single seat

3st constituency in Alexandria : Waiting for the results.

The revolution continues coalition had no really publicity in the real life comparing for the Egyptian bloc.

In Port Said so far

There will be a rerun on the single seat between Akram El Shaar of FJ party and George Ishaak of Egyptian Bloc

In Red Sea so far

3 Individual members are competing so far on the single seat. FJ party list is advancing over the the Egyptian bloc.

In Luxor so far

Al Gama’a Al Islamiya Vs. Freedom and Justice on single seat. The Egyptian bloc list is advancing over the FJ party list.

In Asuit so far

The FJ Party Vs. Egyptian Bloc

In Damietta so far :

The final results will be announced in few minutes , it is the first governorate to announce its results at 2:44 PM

In Kafr El Sheikh so far

In El Fayoum so far

The final results will be announced tomorrow Thursday at night.


  1. allez il faut construire l 'égypte .il faudra beaucoups de temps pour sa. est le tourisme aussi doit repremdre ..............l 'égypte est un pays d'avenir..salem.france

  2. Relax my dear. I am opposed to any religious party, however, I am neither whining nor freaking.

    On the contrary: I can't wait to hear the Ihwans and Salafis "excuses" once they realize that prayers don't generate jobs and that niqabs don't grant good education. Those amateurs will fail so miserably.

  3. salem l'égypte j ai suivie les élections a la télévision égyptienne.
    est c'est un succès je fait du tourisme depuis 15 ans 2 fois par ans j ai beaucoup d amis '
    pour moi sa va pas changer cars je viendrais en égypte inchallah .j ai un peu d'inquiétude je suis algérienne je vit en France 'je suis musulmans est j'espère que le pays s ouvre .
    tout les égyptiens doit se réunir ensemble pour avancer..salem qu'allah garde l'égypte

  4. At least now you will have your war with Israel, which you were so ardently preaching for.

  5. It'll be interesting to witness the downfall of a country and Egypt's already halfway there. Harharhar!!!


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