Wednesday, November 30, 2011

#Elections : Counting time is always hard

And so the voting in the first stage of the first parliamentary elections after the fall of the Mubarak regime ended at 7 PM and now it is counting time.
Here are photos from the vote counting commissions

This is from Nasr City constituency in Cairo “By Mustafa Al Naggar

This is from the 4th constituency in Cairo “RNN”

From Port Said RNN.
Of course we should not except it will be easy because now Tahrir is currently on fire at the same time in we have the vote counting !! Thugs are the Tahrir square sit in and we got now 59 injured in half an hour only besides a missing activist NadimX. The thugs were attacking the protesters with rocks , Molotov and birdshots as well gunshots. The thugs are using this strange device to fire the birdshots and gunshots. “This photo by Ahmed Essam El Den

Another photo showing the empty gunshot by Ahmed Anwar

It all started with a fight with the street vendors whom some suspect to be informants.
NadimX is an activist , I think his name is Abdel Rahman Amin and he is member of No for military trials campaign. His friends saw him being taken in some Black KIA car. I hope that he is fine and he returns back soon safe. Here is Abdel Rahman or Nadim’s photo by Lilian Wagdy in Tweet Nadwa from couple of months ago !!
I am praying that no one dies today.
God damn it.

@12:01 AM CLT

The admin of SCAF FB page says by the request of the protests the armed forces will send enforcements to protect them from thuggry !!
Tweeps say that thing are calm and Abdel Moneim Riyad street is in the control of the protesters once again.

@1:08 AM CLT

Well now we are all following the votes counting process alive in several TV channels as well online through twitter and Facebook.
The votes counting process got a hash tag on twitter now and it is #Farz
Here are the latest info I got :
  • The Egyptian bloc is advancing in Heliopolis constituency
  • Dr. Mustafa El Naggar is also advancing in Nasr City Constituency
  • Cairo Second constituency : FJ party list then Egyptian bloc then Al Wasat list then El Adl
  • Unfortunately Amr Hamzawy is also advancing in Heliopolis constituency
  • In Asuit : The Freedom & Justice party list then El Nour party list then Egyptian bloc then Al Wasat list.
  • In Port Said : FJ Party list then Nour party list then Al Wafd list then Egyptian bloc then El Wasat
  • It seems that there could be a rerun between Akram El Shaer of FJ party and George Ishaak of Egyptian bloc
  • In Alexandria the FJ party and Nour party lists are advancing , there will be a rerun from
  • In 9 governorates the FJ party and Nour party lists are advancing
The injured in Tahrir square have reached to 88 !!
Many Egyptians are following the results up till now


  1. Dear Zeinab,
    You are such a clever girl. Pease read and discard this post. One should never start an English sentence with And. The sentence reads that regime fell after 7.
    I humbly present you the following alternative:
    And so the voting in the first stage of the first parliamentary elections after the fall of the Mubarak regime ended at 7 PM and now it is counting time.
    Voting in the first stage of the first parliamentary elections, after the fall of the Mubarak regime, ended at 7 PM. It is now counting time.
    Osama - Sydney

  2. Dear Zeinab
    Please ignore criticisms of your English, which is excellent generally speaking. And it is permissible
    to commence a sentence with 'and' as long as it introduces a new idea, I am an English teacher and know whereof I speak.

    More importantly, would it be possible to have a short list of the Egyptian political parties and where they stand on the political spectrum so that those of us who are not Egyptian, but are passionately interested can better understand what the results mean?

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is an essential window into Egyptian political life for those of us who are deeply concerned but don't speak Arabic.

  3. Oh Osama! How would anyone from Australia know proper English? :-P


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