Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#Elections 2011 : Egyptians vote “Day 2”

And the popular committees , Muslim brotherhood and Salafists protected the polling stations all night long. According to the FJ Party aka MB party not less than 40,000 volunteers protected the polling stations across the country in 9 governorates last night.

Today voting continues and the military police is so nice with elderly .This photo is by dear friend Nany Atef from Heliopolis

The violations continue and the candidates and parties are distributing flyers outside the polling stations , again dear Nany took this photo from Heliopolis , at Almaza school polling station to be specific.

Here is a photo from Luxor by Nermine Nagdy for Mandara Online showing the women’s queue in the famous Upper Egyptian city.

Speaking about Luxor here is a copy for a fax sent from the Egyptian hotel association to hotels managers to urge their employees in tourism sector to vote for the Egyptian bloc because its parties support tourism unlike Islamist parties.

I think I raised this topic yesterday about how the Egyptian hotel association urged those working in tourism sector to vote for the Egyptian bloc in a clear violation to the law.
Interestingly enough the Coffee shop company published a half page colored ad in Ahram Daily where it announces its endorsement to the Egyptian bloc. Provokingly enough they say that they claimed the “Couch party” aka the silent majority is supporting the Egyptian bloc as well.
Coffee shop company supports Egyptian bloc
The Egyptian Bloc demands SCAF and High commission of elections to do their job and stop violations , as if the Egyptian bloc did not commit any violation yesterday.
Amr Hamzawy defended himself against the accusations of FJ Party that one of his volunteers tried to bribe the voters at one of the polling stations in Heliopolis claiming it was a lie and that video about the incident was fabricated.
Tomorrow insh Allah the results of the individual seats in the first stage will be announced.
According to estimations 70% of the voters in the 9 governorates went to the polling stations yesterday.
The Christian participation is high in this elections thanks to the fear of the radical Islamist control in Egypt.

@11:36 AM CLT

The ministry of interior says that 22 polling stations in Cairo and Fayoum as well 3 polling stations in Kafr El Sheikh have not opened their doors to voters.
Potential presidential candidate Mohamed Salim El Awa went to the polling stations today in Alexandria.

Here is Gamila Ismail after casting her vote in Zamalek by RNN

@11:50 AM CLT

Voting is resumed in 16 polling stations in Cairo and Fayoum. There is a poor turnout for voters in Luxor while high turnout in Esna in Luxor governorate.
General Sami Anan is having a tour in polling stations in Nasr City and Heliopolis.


  1. I personally don't understand why would voting give any legitimacy to SCAF.

    Anyhow, boycotting does not work if majority don't do it. Tahrir should go to vote, and return back to protest against SCAF.

  2. Thank you so much for this overview! Very handy. Keep the news coming

  3. if 70% ++ go to vote, it simply means that Tahrir Square has been voted out. Boycotting an election is boycotting democracy. Tahrir has to learn that the time for democracy has come and this might be somewhat harder than protests.

    Having said that I am holding those protesters who are willing to give their lives for a free Egypt in highest esteem. They are true heroes and made Egypt proud!

  4. No it does not mean that Tahrir was voted out. Many in Tahrir planned to vote. Very few were not planning to vote. Tahrir is not about not voting.

  5. Many congrats on this v informative blog. I am a non-Egyptian (British) so I apologise in advance for butting in. The most important thing is, of course, to get the democratic results that you seek, but I came across this blog because I was seeking for info on how this impacts on tourism, as I have an interest in that sector. I would just like to say that I know how import tourism revenue is to Egypt's GDP, & I also know first-hand how superb & welcoming the Egypt experience is for outsiders. Just hoping that when the dust settles, you guys can perhaps spend some time doing really good PR for Egypt on this, as your ministries have so far been lamentably poor in encouraging this sector of the economy. Sorry if this isn't too relevant a post right now, and all the best of luck.


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