Thursday, November 3, 2011

#OO : Egyptian Flag is there

Ok Occupy Oakland is on fire from what I see and the protesters are being dispersed in a way that reminded me with more of Egypt’s under Mubarak with tear gas , rubber rubbers. According to protesters the attack of the police was unprovoked and the cops were the one that pulled the first bullet. Here is a timeline for what happened in the past 24 hours from Oakland.
There were calls for general strike as well as calls to close the port there.
Here is a live stream from there.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at
I am not following carefully the Occupy movement to speak about it in details but I know based on my experience that if you disperse a peaceful movement or a protest by force , it will become strong and spread.
Here is our Egyptian flag there.
From Ashraf Al Shahat

Our flag is high as usual.
#OO is the hashtag on twitter now to follow

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  1. I watched the entire event unfold last night and it did not go as reported. Police from outside areas were called in when an empty building was being taken over by the Occupy movement. Ironically it was a place once used for the homeless but now in foreclosure. About 150 police in riot gear surrounded the protesters on all four sides. Some taunts and a couple of firecrackers were set off but at no time did I see anyone assaulting the police. The police threw tear gas into the street two times to break up the protesters. The protesters responded by setting fires in the street to lesson the effects of the gas. As the stand off continued the crowd slowly left the area. The police it can be noted had their badges covered which is a violation of our laws.
    It was reported that the protesters wanted to burn down the building that they were occupying. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This was much like the actions I saw in Egypt when you they held your first protests. The media is putting it's spin on reporting just as it did over there.
    I might add that the city used outside police because it has run out of money for that purpose.


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