Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just Pray For Pella

The worst thing in the morning is to open the TV to find a SOS from another human in the middle of the sea on the board of ferry on fire !!

This is how we started today in Egypt with the memories of El Salam 98 and the SOS of a simple Egyptian called Attiya on ONTV’s Sabah ON where he said that he stuck with other passengers on the board of “Pella” Ferry while it is on fire.
There are not less than 1200 passengers on the board of “Pella” ferry. 200 have used lifeboats while the Jordanian and Egyptian authorities have transferred not less  830 to another ferry in the area. The Egyptian navy have sent one of its speed boat “ Swift” to save the rest of the passengers
The minister of transportation in Egypt called the TV show and said that 75% of the fire was put off.
The ferry was on its way from Aqaba to Nuweibeh when it caught on fire for unknown reasons. It turned out that it is a Jordanian ferry owned by “Petra” company. The Jordanian authorities have declared that there are no casualties. According to the Jordanian company the fire started at the luggage room.
The people in Taba acted quickly when they heard the news , the diving centers sent their boats to the ferry in an attempt to save the passengers.
Let’s pray for them .
SCAF has issued its 78 message about "Pella" where it says it sent the navy and air forces to save them. Of course it turns out the Jordanian forces saved day because the ferry was only 15 miles away from Jordanian shores.
Story is developing
Update @12:47 PM
Now AFP reports from Jordan that one Egyptian citizen drowned in the sea after jumping from the ferry in an attempt to save himself.
Petra News agency of Jordan reported the following : All the passengers on the ferry were evacuated except  4 pregnant women and 3 crew members and that a number of the passengers jumped in to the sea to escape the fire.


  1. I hope they are right about no casualties. So sad to se that this kind of accidents still happens

  2. "The ferry was on its way from Aqaba to Nuweibeh when it caught on fire for unknown reasons."

    @Alice, it must have been the Jews!

  3. Arab Spring, Egyptian edition: Christian student beaten to death by Muslims for wearing cross. I bet Alice can tell us who's to blame. Jews, right? ;)

  4. Ahavat Eretz Israel11/03/2011 11:14:00 PM

    @Jason: See - we know that those muslims are brainless cruel animals. Thus we exterminate this pest.

  5. Muslims should feel so much ashamed for such a crime, but I bet they will find a convenient excuse.


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