Wednesday, November 23, 2011

#Tahrir : Day 5’s massacre

Well if you think that the invisible gas was bad then you have to see today’s massacre.

There was supposedly a truce reached by a group of Al Azhar’s sheikhs between the security forces and the the protesters. The truce started today’s afternoon and the security forces stopped its attack. The protesters walked freely at Mohamed Mahmoud street and even started to clean it !! The public prosecution teams came to investigate and we had some sort of weak hope.

Then suddenly hell opened its doors and unfortunately we all saw it live on TV when the security forces broke the truce and opened its fire on the protesters while some of them were praying according to eye witnesses.

I know that I saw on Al Jazeera Mubshar ambulances coming and going in matter of seconds and terrible sound of gunshots in the air then rains of tear gas grenades began to appear on the screen.

Tahrir square : Mohamed Mahmoud street during the attack

Already according to the ministry of health’s official numbers in the past 48 hours 36 have been killed through out Egypt and more than 3,000 Egyptians have been injured.

@8:00 PM Cairo local time

The lights are reportedly cut from Mohamed Mahmoud street. A Tahrir doctor has died from a tear gas shot at field hospital , he is not the first. Yesterday another Tahrir doctor has passed away while she was bringing supplies to the field hospital.

The clashes in Alexandria are still on and not less than 4 are being injured in the clashes at the security directorate so far.

Al Azhar sheikhs decided to join the sit in at Tahrir square objecting how the security forces have broken the truce. It is not the first time Al Azhar scholars were in the first sit during the 18 days. There was one Azhar Sheikh who was injured.

Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib has issued a strong statement with three demands :

Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib’s statement
  1. The police has to stop killing their Egyptian brothers.
  2. The protesters to restrain themselves
  3. SCAF to stop the clashes

El Tayib was angry and accused the police of breaking the truce.

Here is one of the sheikhs telling a Christian channel on how the security forces attacked them while they were praying.

I think Al Azhar is on the right path for reform , welcome back.

I do not know what is going on , it is so confusing and so sad to a level you can not imagine.

@9:00 PM Cairo local time

ONTV reporter says that 4 are killed in the latest clashes at Mohamed Mahmoud

People hear air jets in Cairo , I heard nothing so far yet my aunt heard them in Zamalek.

Another group of army officers have allegedly joined the protesters at Tahrir square.

TE Data denied the news of internet blockage , it is pressure problem currently.

The Muslim brotherhood has issued a statement about their position , officially the group is not participating in the sit yet its youth are unofficially.

A group of activists are trying to have an initiative to save the pets stuck at the two pet shops at Mohamed Mahmoud street and Falaki street. There are two pet shops and the animals are stuck there as it seems

@10 PM Cairo local time

The Arab contractors are going to build a wall at Mohamed Mahmoud street to separate between the protesters and the security forces.

@10:17 PM Cairo local time

General Asar and General Hegazy are on Egyptian TV ch.1. There are news that there is some kind of mutiny in Nile News since the morning by the way. Already Egyptian TV and state owned newspapers are strange today attacking SCAF and Tantawy in unprecedented way.

There are violent clashes in Ismailiya between the military police and the protesters. At least one is dead and tens are injured , there are reports of live ammunition.

@12:22 AM Cairo local time

The generals are still talking.Of course the Egyptian TV is still showing one side of the story , showing the footage from the police side to make the protesters look like thugs.

El Asar apologized on behalf of the SCAF and presented his condolences for the families of the victims. Of course they defend themselves and insist that they do not want rule and that they want elections. They say that the aggressions of military police are more of individual actions. They said the name of Anan more than the name of Tantawy. They warned that if Tahrir clashes and sit continue , the elections will be delayed. They support the foreign conspiracies theory..etc.

Again they are speaking to the people in homes and not to the people in the square.I must say that the questions are daring.

They deny it having meetings or deals with MBs and Salafists. It is too long and I can’t keep it up with all their talk while I am trying to keep up with all what is happening.

Ok here is a video showing the moment the truce between the protesters and the security forces.

Tahrir : The truce that ended violently today

There are talks between the ministry of interior and activists again about truce !!

Mansour Eissawy denied on TV channels “CH.1 and Al Hayat” what Al Wafd newspaper claimed that he said in an interview. Al Wafd published an alleged interview with him where he allegedly claimed that Essam Sharaf gave him the orders to evacuate the square by force.

Eissawy said that he will leave the ministry tomorrow yet he hinted something interesting : If he and his men can’t secure the parliamentary elections , they will suggest its delay.

This is the second time this is raised in less than hour.

@1:30 AM Cairo local time

Al Hakma Salafist channel claims that Siyad Badawy , the chairman of Al Wafd party will head the government !!

Now important updates from Ismailia :

  • The military police clashes with the protesters ended with the death of 14 years student called Maged Medhat who was shot in his back by a live ammunition. Medhat was returning from some private lesson to his home when he was shot down.

  • Interestingly enough this is a message from Revolution Youth coalition in Ismailiya says that the protests are infiltrated , of course they are going to have a protest tomorrow after the funeral of late Maged May Allah bless his soul.
  • The military police with their red caps along few army units are securing the police station in the city. They believe protesters are truly thugs according to tweeps from the city !!
  • Things are calm now.


  1. thanks for the excellent work and time dedicated to keep others up to date!

    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. I thank you for Ottawa, Canada for our excellent coverage of the ongoing tragedy in Egypt. May God bless you and keep all the honourable demonstrators safe.

  3. Great work! Thanks for updating us Egyptians living abroad. Prayers are with you from Canada

  4. thanks, this domestic account of unfolding events is important for us international onlooklers. Please post all accounts of state TV and army defections, those are very encouraging signs (that the SCAf is becoming increasingly isolated)

  5. Hello Zeinobia
    Thank you for your balanced documentation of what's happening. Have used your Egyptian Chronicles as my main recommendation of what is happening in Egypt today in my last article in norwegian media about the revolution. We truly need you and your great work!

  6. Thank you for all your blogging... again.

  7. As-Salāmu 'Alaykumu, Egypt.
    As-Salāmu 'Alayki, Zenobia.

  8. Your courage and strength is very inspiring. I only knew these kind of stories from european history books, now it is live on tv and net - in Egypt! Nevertheless, be careful, be peaceful, your cause is right. And to the military figures opposing the revolution: We are watching, the whole world. Give in to the legitimate demands of the protestors. Let them protest peacefully - it is their right, as in any free country with dignity. Stop putting civilians in military courts. Free the bloggers, respect the youth. Guarantee everyone their human rights. We, people from all over the world, feel solidarity withe egyptian people and its struggle. We will demand from our governments that they will put pressure on you, if you put pressure on protestors and even have them injured and killed. Democracy is more than just a word. You should rather be part of it than oppose it, remember that the press and later the history books will judge your actions and name those responsible.

    Greetings from Germany

  9. God Bless you!

  10. Sure, the Muslims have created a political split in Islam after the prophet died, which was stupidly considered as a split in the Islamic faith despite the fact that it was purely Political and has nothing to do with Islam as a faith. This was used as food to divide Muslims and create the environment to destabilize them like in Iraq. Other methods were used like exploiting the religious fabric of an Arab nation by promoting a rift between
    Religious faiths, like in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. But now the whole of the Muslim nations are divided politically as well, for example the Gulf state camp largely non democratic, who support the US and have tight Co-operation with the west, and the others who demanded democratic reform now fast becoming moderate Muslims. So now we have two Muslim camps at odd with each other politically and religiously just what Islam warned against. In my view these states did not understand that Islam thrives on Unity and that is its main foundation. Bahrain is an example of both, a Shia majority and a Sunni minority which holds an undemocratic royal state power very much a US agent and there is a potential to promote a Shia/Sunni conflict to further divide the country when needed. There is also Saudi, a family oil business state and a source of extremism, hard line non democratic and a friend of the US promoting its policies in the gulf and now in Libya through Qatar another US agent. In Bahrain Saudi is using its influence
    on behalf of the US who have basis just about everywhere in the Middle East. Yemen is another divided country sharing the same foe and there are many other examples. What is painful about this is that the Arab league, still appear to be a credible Arab Authority with Gulf state leadership on behalf of the US, yet at the same time its member states have never been so divided religiously and politically, what a mess this is, which camp will Egypt sit with?


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