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#Tahrir :Most important 72 hours"Updated"

Good morning and God bless you all
The upcoming 72 hours are the most important in this stage of our revolution. I will not claim and say that we know what we are heading to because I feel the uncertainty now is the common factor among all Egyptians including the Tahrir protesters as well as SCAF.
@9:39 AM Cairo local 
In a church at Tahrir square "I think the Anglican Kasr Al Dobra where is a field hospital. :)

Two ladies praying 
There are tears in my eyes.Last night was the first without clashes.From early morning protesters began to form a human shield between Tahrir square and Mohamed ,here is a photo from 6:30 AM
at the entrance of Mohamed Mahmoud 
The army units are separating as well between protesters and military police.
From an hour ago at ENN
SCAF has issued its official apology as well its official condolences to the families of the martyrs of the fallen martyrs from the good children of Egypt in its 84th statement on its official Facebook page. SCAF expressed its sorrow for the latest clashes and decided the following :
  • Quick investigation and trial to all those standing behind these clashes. 
  • Full care of the families of the martyrs as well as the injured in the latest clashes. 
  • A field hospital at Tahrir square to provide medical care to the protesters. 
Here is a contact list for the meeting points for those interested in Cairo and Giza in helping the Tahrir sit in and field hospitals through supplies. And the American embassy has also presented its condolences to the families of the victims in the latest clashes at Tahrir square.Famous Egyptian American journalist Mona Al Tahawy was arrested from 4 hours ago by police and was beaten according to her last tweet.

Beaten arrested in interior ministryNov 24 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply
Our friend Dima Khatib wrote about Al Tahawy. 
Mona has been arrested along with activist Maged Butter and it seems that they were arrested at Mohamed Mahmoud street.

With @monaeltahawy in Mohammed Mahmoud, total chaos lots of injuries #tahrir
Nov 23 via Twitter for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply
Journalist Jihan Noujaim has been arrested as well. I heard that two foreign journalists have been arrested
I hope that they are all fine.
@11:02 AM Cairo Local time : 
Ok SCAF is having a 180 shift in policy , their PR machine is working so active in the past 24 hours.Is it public pressure ? Is it international pressure ? Are they the army officers joining the protesters.
Military police commander Hamdy Badeen claimed in Good Morning Egypt on Ch.1 and  Masrya as well Radio Masr that the military police did not approach Tahrir square since Eid El Fitr and the end of Ramandan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He claims that the TV channels and media spread these rumors to plant the mistrust between the people and the armed forces.
Ok general Badeen , who pulled that girl's hair ?

Badeen also claimed that it is the full responsibility of the civilian police.
Al Ahram says in its first page that the number of the wounded reached to 6000 !!!
8 dead bodies from one of Tahrir square field hospitals have disappeared suddenly yesterday according to one of the doctors there. Yesterday another doctor was killed :(
The Atlantic got one of the most amazing photo galleries from Tahrir clashes , they kill me but they are amazing from photographic and journalistic point of view. Of course I know personally some of the brave photojournalists in Tahrir currently.
@12:04 PM Cairo local time : 
There is a press conference held by SCAF at the SIS army HQ in Nasr City.
There is no internet blockage in Asuit.
Maged Butter is found at Tahrir square , he was beaten as you see in the photo below

Maged at Tahrir square by Ahmed Manshy
Now Maged says that he does not know where Mona Al Tahawy is now as he was arrested while she was beating someone who was harassing her last night. Jihan Noujaim is fine , she is at a police station with human rights activist and lawyer Rajia Omran. Rajia believes she is facing filming without permit charge@12:24 PM Cairo Local time The presser is about the elections , General Mokhtar El Mola and General Mamdouh along the members of High elections commission are the speakers.The elections will be held at its time next week !!General El Mola again repeats the field Marshal Tantawy in order to clarify the confusion about it. He is insisting that the army has no interest in powerEl Mola :
There is corruption in Egypt for many years and we can't fight it and conquer it in few months , let's agree that confrontation is the best for the future of Egypt. The human rights are untouchable and whoever violates it should be punished. The Egyptian armed forces' weapons are not directed to the Egyptian citizen.
Mamdouh Shahin speaks about laws and elections.
We issued the first constitutional declaration in February 13 , we do not want power and this proves , in 1952 the first constitutional declaration was issued in December 1952 after six months. 
They are defending themselves and that defiance and pride in their facial expression are no longer there.
Now the good news is Mona Al Tahawy is free after 12 hours in detention at the MOI. She was subjected to sexual harassment from CSF conscripts and her hand is so swollen that she can't close it , she is going to the hospital to check it.
Mona's hand :(
Here is a video from Alexandria showing the thugs at the police side with Motolov cocktails last night.
The army is closing Mohamed Mahmoud with wires right now.
@1:34 PM Cairo Local time :
And the elections will be held next Monday  !! Do not tell me how , I am a pro-elections and I feel now these clashes and escalation are intended to make people not to go at least the active youth.
By the way the High elections commission announced that there will be a fine imposed on those who do not vote !!
@7:42 PM Cairo local time : 
I have been to Tahrir square and returned back with couple of photos and remarks.
A lot of rumors about the upcoming prime ministers. Officially Amr Moussa has declined the cabinet. The negotiations with ElBaradei has failed and reached to dead end.
Some activists and revolutionary groups suggested Abu El Fatouh and Hamdeen Sabhi, I would take Abu El Fatouh at anytime over Sabhi.
The Egyptian TV reportedly says that former PM Kamel El Ganzoury was received by Field Marshal Tantawy. Some people think El Ganzoury was good but he was a prime minister that served Mubarak for many years.
As we got rumors , we also got  SCAF issuing too many statements in one , the day started with statement no.84 and now we got statement no.87. Ahram gate says another statement tonight with the national cabinet.
The general prosecutor has order the confiscation of one billion Egyptian pound from Ahmed Ezz and Rashid Mohamed Rashid.
Currently I am at a birthday party of two of one the closet people to my heart so I think I will be away from awhile.

8:45 PM Cairo local time

Abdullah El Sanary , the editor in chief of Al Arabi Al Nasri said that El Ganzoury is our new prime minister
Twitter and tahrir do not like because he is old age and his past experience as a minister and prime minister during the time of Mubarak.


  1. Troubling but as usual good, good stuff

  2. Hello my Egyptian friends from friends in Germany. You know, you should be glad that it took nine months for this latest uprising to take place and I tell you why. When the first uprizing took place in Tahrir, the Egyptian Army was highly praised but not many knew that the Army was playing its own game, no wonder the generals at that time stood aside while the security forces did its worst on their behalf since both had their own agenda and they were playing a game of chess with the people who thought highly of the Army though not the police. So really the Army was playing the deception game and if that was allowed to continue then you would have ended up with another Mubarrak style governmet with the Military and the elite milking the economy off. Now things are different, you have exposed the lie and you are not preparred to allow that deception to continue, the Army's true colors have been exposed, so now you know what card to play and you can demand true democracy and for the Army to step aside. Sure, many will die, but people die for freedom and you should accept that, just persist and you will get there. The problem is that if you select a democratic government and win, then Egypt might go lock ahead with countries of the Gulf because they are all client states,Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar know the fat royals, but Egypt is strong and the egyptian people are hungry for freedom and they are good people. I assure you, you will survive and win just dont get scared or get fooled, dont accept apologies, or promises, demand the Army to leave politics first before voting or doing anything, create a good constitution setting the role of the Army and the security forces keep at it and you will get what you want. The same process took place in Europe a long time ago in France, Germany, Spain and many other countries and I see no reason why it should not happen in Egypt. Well done friends.

  3. Thank you for blogging & keeping the world informed - cheers from a southern hemisphere surfer with mixed-european grand-parentage

  4. Hello revolutionaries,


    Expose the SCAF in public.

    You will need:
    1. collect some money
    2. Big Screen
    3. Short movie and pictures

    showing the SCAF permitting (sending) the police to attack protestors

    There are many clibs on internet soldiers in their basis beating protestors.

    The publick in Tahrir who see this will be more convinced to continiu revolution until SCAF is arrested

  5. Do not back down under any circumstance where your freedoms are not met.

    Best wishes from Canada


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