Thursday, November 24, 2011

#Tahrir : Mona Al Tahawy assaulted at Mohamed Mahmoud

Beaten arrested in interior ministryThu Nov 24 01:44:39 via Twitter for BlackBerry®
This is how I started my day  when I woke up , a tweet from Mona El Tahawy to thousands of her followers that she was detained and beaten by security forces at the ministry of interior. We knew few details as I hinted in my journal about today’s major events that she was detained at the bloody Mohamed Mahmoud.
After few hours we found Mona announcing that she was free and after few minutes we being to know horrific details. Mona was a subjected of terrible sexual assaults by 5-6 CSF conscripts who attacked her terribly and mercilessly

5 or 6 surrounded me, groped and prodded my breasts, grabbed my genital area and I lost count how many hands tried to get into my trousers.Thu Nov 24 10:55:56 via Twitter for iPhone
She was dragged then to the MOI HQ where for 5 hours she waited for somebody to help her. Then military police transferred her to military intelligence HQ , she did not want to go at first because she is a civilian but one of the officers told her it was better to go politely and willingly.
At first she was blindfolded for 2 hours before somebody interrogated and ask her useless questions like why you are here and why you are in Tahrir. Mona made it clear that she is an American citizen and she wants a lawyer or someone from the embassy.
The military intelligence officers then told her to remove the blindfold and apologized for what the CSF did , they took photos for her bruises and recorded her ordeal then let her go.
Here is Mona with the casts in both hands.

Mona also spoke about that nightmare she had been through in CNN.
Mona El Tahawy speaks about her assault in Egypt
Mona will appear with Yosri Fouda tonight to speak about her ordeal
She is not the first journalist to be attacked brutally. Of course one ask what if it were not Mona El Tahawy but rather a simple Egyptian girl called Mona who got no passport except the Egyptian one , who is not a famous journalist but just simple Mona.
Reporters with borders are advising female reporters not to go to Tahrir square after this attack.


  1. Dear Zeinobia,
    Please, kindly note another woman was sexually harrassed today in Tahrir.

    I am so sorry for Ms. Mona Al Tahawy, she was only doing her job and no woman anywhere in the world should ever been treated this way.

    Best regards,

  2. I hate the fact that those who should be protecting us are assaulting and sexually abusing us. However, Mona herself discussed the sexual assaults that had been occurring in Tahrir.
    I think prodding and gropping must stop, but it should be stopped at every level since it appeared in Tahrir not only in the Amn Markazy.

  3. The assault on El Tahawy was carried today on news of major internet portals for all the world to see. This despicable action is a result of cowardly culture that must be uprooted.

  4. Dear Zeinobia,
    I am sorry that you believe in this fake patriotism, if she were not sure that she will get away from it because of her American passport she would not have approcahed the whole scene, if she is so brave then she should stick to her Egyptian nationality and go through the hell that every poor Egyptian (only) is going through and not threaten this filthy security forces with her passport and her embassy, she is no better than the Mubaraks who got the British citizenship to protect them. Enough bragging about fake bravery and enough using the revolution for a very good price: fame and fortune while thousands are suffering, whoever wants to help, do it quitely and efficiently and not by living in New York and writing for Israeli Newspapers to open up doors in US.

  5. I just want to ask a question, would you trust a military organization to protect the country against foreign attacks if they failed to demonstrate effectiveness in protecting, respecting and valuing the people who appointed as guardians in the first place? I dare say the Egyptian Army would probably fail on both counts. We have seen them mysteriously stand aside when the killing by the security forces started nine months ago, then we have seen them ignore the urgency of moving forward with the reform, then we have seen them torturing, jailing and killing the people in full view only recently then we have seen them apologize for it admitting guilt as charged. This is a good case for incompetence as an Army supposed to protect the country don’t you think? What if Egypt was at war with a powerful adversary? will the Amy be effective and capable in protecting Egypt? history tells us otherwise and now we know why, incompetence, greed and ignorance. The present events tells us that the Military must be placed where they can concentrate on education, and focus on better training and the best ways to protect the country not get involved in politics, corporatism or killing the people, we already have authorities specialized in killing the people, we calls them the security forces, a group of thick necked illiterate bulldog shaped men and hired assassins and torturers whose mission is to protect brutal regimes everywhere in the Arab world including Egypt, get rid of the lot of them and build a democratic free Egypt whose main mission is to increase prosperity for all through enterprise building, international trade, education and the promotion of all forms of Arts, we call that the building of a civilizations. That my friend is what Egypt is good at and that is what you once had and was so brutally destroyed.

  6. The logic of Anon 11:24 is misleading. Denying her status or who she is doesn't make her more Egyptian. In fact, if she didn't bring up her dual citizenship, she will be accused of hiding material fact. How many Egyptians you know give their address as downtown hotel!

    Exposing sexual assault on women has nothing to do with claiming patriotism. Thousands of women probably suffered from similar treatment, yet their cries were hushed. Mona should be commended for using her stature to speak-up and describe assault in graphic details. This is not 'bragging', this is courage. Criticizing what she did, because where she lives or what she does, is poor judgement. This is human respect, noting to do with revolution or politics.

  7. This woman was attacked. The French journalist was attacked. The Egyptian blogger who posed nude was attacked. All in the same weekend. Countless others including CBS Lara Logan. Stop attacking women!

  8. In New York Times, A military official in Cairo, Col. Islam Jaffar, said "But what did she expect would happen? She was in the middle of the streets, in the midst of clashes,..". In essence she is to blame for being there, hence she deserves the outcome.

    This sick justification is aiding and abetting the criminal behavior and is worthy of prosecution.

  9. Why hasn't anyone in Egypt considering himself or herself a journalist taken up the cause of Lara Logan? None of her attackers have been identified. No witnesses have come forward. No pictures or videos have surfaced. Who will pursue justice for her or for the other women who have been attacked?

    If you ask me, footage of Lara Logan's attack should be broadcast uncensored in its entirety across the world so the entire world can see what vicious men will do to halt progress and freedom from taking hold, and see why there is such a valid cause for revolution! Show the world what these men did and shine a light on them! Show the world every perverted and twisted moment and shame these men and their kind for all time. Show the world her nakedness so they can see their own nakedness! The emperor has no clothes! Show the world!

  10. Show the world her big naked tits!


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