Tuesday, December 20, 2011

#2011 : The year of dictators “Kim Jong il is gone too ya People !! ”

It is a new  world taking shape indeed.
I do understand why some people have got some conspiracy theories of their own.
The 69 years old Kim Jong il died “allegedly” by heart attack from four days ago as we have been told. May be the man had a sudden heart attack and that’s why they had to keep as a secret in order to organize their matters.

Here is the announcement , the famous announcement of the leader’s death in the national N.Korean TV. “It is standardized system in the dictatorships”
North Korea : The leader is dead

Of course as a true communist leader he got that coffin display where his faithful people are crying madly over his departure.
North Korea : Mad grief
Needless to say , or rather shamelessly Egyptians were the first to show the world that huge affection after the death of their leader Nasser despite he was a dictator.
His son Kim Jong-un will be the next president , he is already a general by the way while he is believe to be in late 20s. He has got a terrible haircut.
The new heir
 The funeral of Kim Jong il will be held next December 28th.
One of the late leader’s sons had an infamous incident in Tokyo airport where he and the late leader’s grandson want to visit Disney Tokyo
The U.S hopes for better relations with North Korea , of course it depends on the new heir who we only know that he is in the late 20s and will rule’s his family’s late country !!!!!
We do not know if the new heir will pull Bashar El Assad or his people will pull An Arab spring but the States is trying its best to open a new chapter with the N.Korea after the death of its old enemy.
Now historical background about Egyptian North Korean relations , well interestingly enough despite the very intimate relations with the States , Mubarak maintained relations with N. Korea.
Of course when you check in international media archives you will find that when Mubarak did something bad that the U.S and Israel did not like , the alleged arms deals between Egypt and N.Korea especially rockets are brought up. Still interestingly enough the man who used to go to North Korea is none other than former minister of agriculture and current Tora resident Youssef Wali !! Youssef Wali was known for his very close American Israeli relations. The last time I heard about the N.Korean Egyptian relations was before January 25th ,2011 where Mubarak sent Zakaria Azmi to the embassy in Cairo to congratulate the ambassador on some silly national day there. 
Unlike what many think we have economic relations with North Korea as Orsascom invests there ,so yes Naguib Sawiris and his company will pay some respect to the late inspirational leader.
Now here is the biggest collection of photos from North Korea earlier this year 2011 by photographer Mike Gadd


  1. There is still may dictators left. They seem to pop up like mushrooms.
    1) His Blessed Majesty Emperor Ali Khamenei
    2) Robert(the Vampire)Mugabe
    3) Fidel(I'm not in charge)Castro the Supreme Ruler of Cuba for 52 years ( the Last Caudillo)
    4) Assad

    Then there are the host of petty tyrants and the dictatorial groups. Long way to go yet.

  2. There is also Gbagbo from Ivory Coast...and in a way, Berlusconi of Italy

  3. Kim Jong il changed name to Kim Jong dead


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