Monday, December 19, 2011

#Tahrir : What I have noticed …

Ok this seems stupid but when I look to all the previous clashes between security forces and protesters in all those months ended by the disaster we are currently having , I found some interesting :

  • Most of these clashes either happened in protests or rallies or sit ins have no real public support and that’s why we got the same old question”Why did they go there in the first place !?” regardless of the goals , the rallies and protests need to be spread and gain support.
  • We do not know the results of the investigations following these clashes , not single one at all despite the press leaks always include something like “ a NDP remnant is behind the clashes” and “ rich businessman” …etc.
  • There are infiltrators and agent provocateurs in all these protests and sits in as usual and yes protesters can’t control the security of these protests especially these infiltrators come and show more anger against SCAF and security forces. Unlike what you think these are infiltrators are not only thugs but sometimes youth who are so elegant and sophisticated from the middle class.
  • At the same time we have these clashes and the following days we got these rumors concerning the former regime icons whether Mubarak or his family or his cronies like for instance Mubarak is not in the hospital or Sorror was released .. etc. Of course these rumors make protesters especially youth more angrier as you can imagine. The last clash , we had the same old rumor about Mubarak’s escape which was fueled by all the buzz about the presidential air jet. “Already if I were Mubarak I would not escape on the presidential air jet and took some small private air jet from private airport or even some military secret air and not Cairo airport for God sake !!”
  • Amazingly in certain protests and rallies we found some warnings from Omar Afifi and other shady Facebook pages of an Armageddon that will take place and after the clashes we found these FB pages especially those claim to be from the defected “yet in the service” from the army or those who have inside information from the army booming with rumors here and there. The rumors move from FB pages to twitter , the rumor becomes a fact without any confirmation. Of course it is worth to mention that some of these FB pages from time to time publish something true to give themselves creditability. Needless to say these pages and rumors increase anger , confusion and fear. 

We are like an open book for anybody as far as I could see , we are repeating our mistakes and unfortunately we are paying huge price from blood and souls by repeating these he mistakes we commit over and over in these battles or rather traps.

Some will say that this is not the proper time but I think it is never too late and this is my blog where I share my thoughts.

I pray to God that this will be the last clash and that nothing bad happens on January 25 ,2012 and someone gets killed or injured.


  1. This is exactly the right time to bring this up because we are moving in a different phase and it is important to face the challenge of that period.
    What you say is true about infiltrators and rumors mongers and influence of former regime members.
    That is why it matters greatly what one does today.

    To combat rumors and exaggerations, always ask for the source of the news and proof of the claims.
    Please promote those who circulate news that prove to be accurate and true and expose those who circulate lies and rumors, show who is a journalist and who is a mindless mouth piece.

    This is most important for media such as TV and newspapers but also for blogs and twitters.
    Expose the lies of the public media that is still giving voice to the old guard, tell them that you are listening and there lies will not be forgotten.

    There are honest voices such as Reem Maged, Yousri Fouda, Hamdi Kandil and many others, please promote them and reference them and thank them for their courage.
    And your voice too Zenobia, thank you for what you do

  2. Hallo Zeinobia, me too! I read your blog from the first day of the uprising in Egypt. I'm from Berlin. My frieds and I think you are absolutly right, the mask has to break. In our deutsch-Press we have (only) acceptably reporting Karim El-Gawhary, who is a journalist and citizen in Cairo. He declared today in an article the situation there in tahrir and we got a very good interview from Tarek Mustafa. Our Problem here in Germany is, that we don't know, what to do - because our arabic isnt's as good: will say, it is bad (it needs decades :), so we are happy, if you tweed in english.
    I/We think of you every day and night and we try to make public your concern. Sincere M.
    P.S. Sorry for my Denglish ;)


  4. In modern warfare, the first objective is to define your enemy. In this battle revolutionary Egyptians are the enemy and the aggressors, SCAF, learned from the best: USA. The supper power did create OBL, and 911, to suite their own war plans. Most of what you see in this blog as interesting observations are actually facilitated, if not planned, by the same beneficiary. The snipers, agent provocateurs, and the disinformation of public media all works for the same beneficiary. If you notice coordination it is normal, and not a discovery. You will be dreaming if you expect an investigation, like the movie "Z" to reach the top ranking official. "Z" was just a movie, and the Egyptian official is now in charge.

    I hear your prayers, but clashes will continue. Clashes are not accidental rather planned or instigated. Clashes may seize when you outsmart your enemy, define him and don't let him confine you. This step is political and not a street fight. Learn as you go.

  5. Logic would tell you that no regime will give up power that easily. I would assume that those left from Mubaraks' rule had made deals with the military. And now we have a power struggle. I also remember the paid thugs when the protests first began so at this point anything is possible.

  6. Thousands of rare manuscripts burned. WTF is it with Egyptians having no respect for patrimony? This isn't an isolated incident, it's a pattern. Remember the van Gough that got stolen from an Egyptian museum? It was commented about on this blog. I know people who visited the Great Pyramid and were appalled at the smell due to its being used as a urinal. If Egyptians had any sense they'd send every irreplaceable artifact to the British Museum for safe keeping until Egyptians GROW THE FUCK UP.

    (Waiting for someone to blame the Jews.)

  7. Even in the Middle Ages you were grinding mummies into powder for "medicinal" purposes.

  8. I suggest that the Egyptian government surrender the administration of the Valley of the Kings, the Giza necropolis, etc., to Great Britain, for the time being.

  9. OK Jason as you are asking for it:

    "Rule Britannia" should shut up! It was Great Britain that occupied Egypt. It was Great Britain that cheated the Arabs and created Israel after having the Arabs fight the Turks - thus destabilizing the region since then.

    Because of Israel and its influence on US policy autocratic rulers like Mubarak could hold on to power and because of the USA generously providing funds to the army we are now facing these dreadful problems.

    Egypt never had a true chance to evolve with such constant interference from foreign powers.

    With almost a majority of illiterates and impoverished uneducated people - how can you expect democracy to develop within less than a year? How can you seriously expect people to care for some old papers or monuments, if their daily needs to eat and make a living are not fulfilled. As for the ground mummies, correct me if I am wrong: this was mainly bought by British Lords as an aphrodisiac in the absence of Viagra.

    Finally: Great Britain who just kicked herself out of Europe with a fragile economy and a monarchy entrenched in scandals is hardly an idol to follow these days.

  10. Great post the Islamist!

    My take on it.

    If Egypt succeeds then the Gulf will follow and the monarchies will be gone. The US needs a weak Egypt to keep safe the zionist killing machine.
    What better way than to discredit the army and turn it's people against it. The old divide and rule scenario playing out like Iraq Iran Kurds N and S Korea, anywhere you find conflict these days you see the US and Israeli hands and why is that?
    Because war and conflict sells.
    Just look at who benefits in weapon sales to see the culprit.
    The whole region is armed to the teeth. Why?
    Because if you create conflict you sell weapons, you keep Americans in jobs.
    Have a look at Libya.
    A NATO US excercise in creating divide and on top of that releasing 15,000 missiles into the hands of the rebels there.

    Egyptians should not let themselves be fooled by the hidden hands of those who benefit most.
    The USA and Israel.

  11. One thing we can't afford is to indulge ourselves in lies and comforting illusions. One of the worst of these is "our great army" (geishna al-azeem). Whenever I ask what is "azeem" about the Egyptian military, people answer something about the War of Attrition and the October War, nearly 40 years ago.

    After 1973, our military was corrupted and subverted and made into a servant of only American and Israeli interests, never a protector of Egypt's own national interests.

    First, Mubarak as Vice President and Tantawy as Military Attache in Pakistan, oversaw the recruitment and transfer of Egyptian young men to Afghanistan to fight for the US' objectives there.

    The US used Egyptian airspace and air-bases to launch the bombing of Iraq in 1991 and in 2003. Our military acted as Israel's defenders on our borders, but did nothing when Israel violated Egyptian sovereignty. Long before they started stripping and beating up Egyptian girls, our "heroic" officers gassed Palestinians to death inside the tunnels from Gaza, on behalf of Israel.

    Our "great" generals depend on the US$1.3 billion they receive annually from the US, with no oversight from the Egyptian people concerning how it is spent, only from the Americans and the Zionists who control them.

    I have met retired officers who were forced into early retirement because they sincerely wanted to serve their country and defend our national sovereignty. I asked them if the allegations were true, that outstanding officers were assassinated, and they said yes, either they were forced out, or murdered.

    It's time we face up to the ugly reality that the loyalty of the top brass of our "great army" is to the foreign empire that finances, trains, equips its generals and gives them orders, not to Egypt nor to the Egyptian people.

    How can Egypt be free when it is ruled by a military junta that serves and protects its foreign masters but commits war crimes against our people?

    I know this is very hard for many Egyptians to hear, but the truth often is. I pray with all my heart that one day soon, we will have an army that we can all be proud of, an army that is truly "azeem" and worthy, an army that nobly sacrifices to defend Egypt like in the War of Attrition and in 1973, not one that sacrifices the best of our youth to defend the power and ugly secrets of a few corrupt old ....


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