Monday, December 5, 2011

#egyelections : First stage re-runs live coverage

Today there have been 104 candidates competing on 52 seats in 27 constituencies in 9 governorates : Cairo , Alexandria, Asuit, Luxor, Kafr El Sheikh, Port Said , Red sea , Damietta and Fayoum.

As a reminder there are 30 run offs between Muslim brotherhood and Salafists.

There has been a low turnout in the day compared by last week and this is due to three reasons from what I saw today :

  • Some people feared the long queues and decided to go tomorrow , of course they will be shocked to know there are long queues tomorrow.
  • Some people were disappointed when their candidates especially the liberal ones have failed and do not vote to the Muslim brother or the Salafists.
  • Some companies did not give its employees and workers

The violations are just the same and all parties violated the campaigning rules. SCAF promised to stop the violations in the upcoming stages.

The HEC has cancelled the results of the Cairo’s first constituency in El Sahl area and will hold new elections for this specific constituency on January 10th and 11th 2012 and their re-runs will be held insh Allah on January 17th and 18th.

6 polling stations were closed in Luxor today because of two separate incidents one in the city of Esna where two families had a big fight with big guns as usual and in the city of Luxor where the security forces had a fight with one of the famous gangsters there who went close to the polling station , I do not know if he went to vote or what !! You know even gangsters have a vote !!

The HEC has published the results of the lists seat in the first stage. 

The question if there is that low turnout which everybody recognizes , how we are going to count the votes and announce the winner if the winner needs 50%+1 of the vote !?

Hopefully people will show up tomorrow.


  1. To win the election, it is required to have at least 50%+1 of the 'correct' votes, neither of the registered votes, nor of those attending.

  2. Meanwhile the Salafists are ranting in almost Hezbollah like tone:

    "Yasser Burhami, an outspoken Salafist leader calls for government to monitor women's attire and force tourists to abide by Islamic law" - English Ahram

    This kind of talk will wreck the Egyptian tourism sector... I hope they won't give them public avenue in State TV like their Hezbollah comrades.

    Worst in this debacle is that no one is striking vocally back. If MB were to understand the problem, they should say NO, we will upheld the freedom etc... perhaps they are afraid of reprisal from ultra conservatives.

  3. Foreigners in Egypt know that they enter Dar as-Salam and they should abide by our Law which is Sharia. Insha'allah our Salafeen brothers will finally lead the Egyptian people on the righteous path and smash all kafireen!


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