Tuesday, December 6, 2011

#FreeAlaa : Baby Pink dragon

Manal Hassan , the wife of Alaa Abdel Fatah has given birth to a very beautiful young baby boy called Khaled from short awhile ago in Cairo.
Manal and Alaa decided to name their first baby boy after Khaled Said. I think baby Khaled looks like his granny Dr. Laila Soueif. Here are beautiful photos of baby Khaled by his beautiful aunt Mona :)

I am waiting to see that bundle of joy blogging , already he got a twitter account nowWinking smile
Next Sunday Alaa Abdel Fatah will stand again in front of the high state security court to see if his 15 days of detention pending investigation will be renewed again or not.
Alaa Abdel Fatah has been imprisoned more than a month now after being accused with a list of charges in the Maspero clashes including attacking military personnel ,theft of military arms , inciting violence and murder.
Yesterday Alaa’s lawyers tried to appeal the high state security court’s detention order and presented some of Alaa’s evidence but the court refused the appeal. Alaa appeared in the court shaved and smiling.
Alaa smiling at the court "Twitter"
I hope that Alaa insh Allah will be released next Sunday and insh Allah he will attend Khaled’s baby shower after 7 days. “We hold the baby showers after 7 days of the baby’s birth in Egypt according to traditions and folklore”
May Allah bless Khaled Alaa and May Alaa reunite him with his father so soon insh Allah.
Strangely enough Mona Seif , Alaa’s sister and the founder of the No for military trials campaign was also born when her father famous human rights activist and lawyer Ahmed Seif Islam was behind the bars.


  1. Congratulations! They look so beautiful all two. Please to forward our best wishes from far away...

  2. I hope Alaa is released next Sunday, it's such a touchy moment when a father doesn't witness his first baby's birth.

  3. Some good news for us all. We sure could do with it. May all those unjustly imprisoned be reunited with their loved ones. Alaa and his family are an inspiration. Thank you for posting. Peace to all.


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