Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mohamed Mahmoud street Battle in video

This is the long raw video I have seen for the Mohamed Mahmoud street battle.Nearly 28 minutes showing the fierce battle between the protesters and security forces in that bloody street.

Mohamed Mamoud street battle : Raw video
Now a group of activists believe that this video is another video allegedly incriminating the infamous eyes hunter aka Mohamed El Shennawy  , they believe that El Shennawy appears in the video at 19:50 minute. To  be honest it is unclear if it was El Shennawy in the shot.
It is not clear that it is Shennawy
El Shennawy is currently being detained 15 days pending investigation. His photo wearing aviator sunglasses without handcuffs that was published in Tahrir newspaper has caused controversy about the treatment of the suspects like him.
El Shennawy without handcuff
El Shennawy and his defense team have claimed in front of the public prosecutor that he was having a rest at this time !!
It is worth to mention that there was a strong rumor that El Shennawy was released by the public prosecution , well I did not believe it for one second because if the MOI wants to keep him alive or even safe , it would be better to put him behind bars.

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