Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Meet our new minister of interior !!!

And here is our new minister of interior Police general Mohamed Yousssef Ibrahim.
Ibrahim while swearing in "By Hany Rasmy"
Mohamed Ibrahim is originally from Alexandria , he was born in year 1947. He graduated from police academy in 1968 to start his career in the police force mainly in general security. From 1968 to 1990 he served in the general security sector in Cairo, Sharkia and Giza. From 1993 to 2001 he served in almost all the the governorates in Upper Egypt except Mania. This man worked in Upper Egypt , in Sohag , Aswan , Bani Sawif, Qena and Asuit in the bloody golden years of terrorism and counter terrorism in Egypt. In 2002 he worked as the minister aide for prisons affairs.
From 2003 till 2005 he worked as the head of Giza security directorate. In 2006 he was promoted to become the minister aide for the economic security sector and in 2007 he was retired.
All this according to the official CV published by the official page of the MOI.
Since retirement he began a frequent guest on TV shows.  
Now what was not mentioned in the MOI official CV that the retired police general was promoted or rather left his place as the head of Giza security directorate in 2006 after the infamous massacre of Mustafa Mahmoud in December 2005.
For those who do not know Mohamed Ibrahim used to head the Giza security directorate and he was among those responsible for the infamous massacre of Sudanese refugees at Mustafa Mahmoud square if you remember it on 30 December 2005 !!
Quick reminder : A big group of Sudanese refugees mostly from South Sudan had a sit in in the heart of the Upper Class Mohendessin quarter in front of the UNHCR office in Cairo to protest how the international organization neglected them . After many complaints of the residents in the neighborhood On December 30th,2005 the sit in was dispersed by extremely violence resulting in the death of 27 refugees and 100s of injured. “According to the official numbers”
Of course two former police officers I met today told me that Ibrahim was not the only man responsible for this massacre and that he could not be the sole decision maker  because we had got the state security and central security forces as well the intelligence in that fiasco.
I remember the accident like yesterday and remember all that discussions and debates about the refugees and use of violence . I can not believe myself it has been 10 years not to mention the resemblance with the debate about Tahrir square sits in and the use of violence !!!
I think this is a set back with Sudan whether it was the North or the South !! Not to mention I can’t imagine how this man will end any future sit in in any place in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The problem is that there is no police general with clean record to hold this ministry and honestly I will not live in revolutionary dreamy ivory tower and say that SCAF should appoint a civilian to control the ministry nor that SCAF should appoint an army man because in other way we can have a mutiny in the police force.
I do not know really how to deal with ministry of hell. Sometimes I think we do not need a minister of interior and that we can replace it with the supreme council of police that would follow the prime minister or the minister of justice !? I just do no know.
Anyhow aside from all the troubles the ministry of interior facing from terrible reputation , Ibrahim is facing another trouble which is his own legacy. The human rights organizations are bringing back the file of Mustafa Mahmoud massacre again to life.
Now interesting info from Islamist scholar Fadel Soliman about the minister of interior

لي صديق عمل مع وزير الداخلية في الشرطة من ١٥سنة قال لي أنه يكره أمن الدولة عمى لأنهم ظلموه. نظيف اليد. لكنه دموي في الجنائي و هو صاحب قرارWed Dec 07 20:29:20 via Twitter for iPhone
I got a friend who worked for the new minister of interior from 15 years ago , he told me that Ibrahim hates State security so because they treated him unjustly. He is financially uncorrupted  but he is quite bloody violent when it comes to criminal investigation and he is a decision maker.


  1. a supreme council will probably consist of a bunch of Police Generals, so instead of having one, it will be a hands full of them, no big difference

  2. No way that the ministry of interior will change its policies and attitude without civil control and supervision. At least The Human Rights council, instead of issuing useless media declarations should have a sort of monitoring and supervision responsibilities on the MOI. But i guess i " live in revolutionary dreamy ivory tower"

  3. I believe the expression you're looking for is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  4. Sudanese Observer12/08/2011 01:05:00 AM

    Yes the massacre at Mustafa Mahmoud was a big blow to Sudanese-Egyptian relations and by the way many of the refugees were from Darfur, the Westernmost region of North Sudan.
    The rubbish that was spewed on the Egyptian media by the likes of Adel Imam are not likely to be quickly forgotten (and they were recycled and rehashed with even more disrespect during the final World Cup qualifier between Algeria and Egypt in Khartoum but that's another story)...
    I'm sure the people in Juba will not be happy with this appointment...
    Then again I doubt whether they're paying any attention, rumour has it they're preparing from a visit by Bibi.

  5. It's always the same problem... a minister of interior must not be a military and not more a police member but a civilian. He is not necessarily the minister of hell. See for ex. the function of the French minister of interior (can be a woman) :

  6. Solving the ministry of Interior problem is so simple, get an elected civilian president and cancel emergency law.
    1. The president will have complete authority over this ministry, and you solved the problem of having to appoint a civilian minister. You have civilian authority but not in a direct way.
    2. Canceling the emergency law will prevent any attempt of a police officer to arrest a civilian without a note.

    1. Not so easy. In addition to your proposal, you will have to get rid off the heads of civil service, some generals in the Armed forces, the senior judges and a provision in the constitution specifically forbidding the armed forces role in business and politics.These people will make the elected government fail.

  7. Simple solution.

    1. Disband entire police force because it is not doing anything anyway.
    2. Take all amein shurta and put them on cleaning duty and get them to clean Egypt. They can collect all the trash and recycle it and sweep the streets and repaint and trim the trees etc.
    3. Make one of the University professors of law the new Interior Minister.
    4. Start interviewing and recruiting law graduates and form new police force in the police academy. There are thousands of graduates all without jobs so take them. Scale down the numbers because we dont need to many police and pay them well to stop bribery.



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