Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#Jan25 is officially a National Day now

SCAF has officially recognized January 25th as a national day for revolution in Egypt. Officially January 25th is like October 6th , the armed forces day and the July 23rd , our official national Day.

The July 23rd is our national Day so I do not know if we we can have two official national Days or what !? The big irony is that #Jan25 was the start to end the military rule resulted from July 23rd 1952 in the same year we are celebrating 60 years on the 1952 coup.

This is the biggest official recognition by SCAF to the January 25th revolution and I think the Mubarak orphans who kiss the SCAF ass day and night will hate this.

Now SCAF is playing a smart game with their 18 days of celebrations including a 3 days celebration from January 25th to 28th from parties , concerts and shows in Tahrir square. There will be also a football match between Egypt and Tunisia as well a football game for the disabled and revolution injured !! There will air shows to the end of that extravaganza.

Three martyrs’ families from Egypt , Libya and Tunisia will be honored. The army’s commanders who participated in this revolution and that they will be given the #Jan25 Revolution Medallion !! I do not have a problem that officers like Maged Bollous to be honored but I will have a big problem if someone like Hamdy Badeen is honored. 

Now from what I understand that from military traditions away from all the political jazz this is a good thing for us and important recognition.

This is extremely clever move from SCAF because now it recognizes the revolution officially and any attempt from anti-SCAF protesters to have any sort of protests that will turn violently it will look as if the protesters are against the revolution and look people we recognize the revolution and yet we do not know what these protesters !!

This is what I fear because now that so-called conspiracy against the revolution and protesters as well the country will seem to be true for average Egyptian.

I just hope that we would be careful because I hate to fall the trap of every protest and sit in again and again, infiltrators  are going to spoil it as usual

Of course now the police has search for another day to celebrate their national Day.  Personally I believe that the police can claim a national Day to celebrate if they return to be in the service of the people. I respect the January 25th true heroes from Police forces who stood with the people in 1952 and resisted the British occupation so bravely. In 1952 the people and police were truly one hand unlike in 2012.

To be honest I believe the true revolution Day in Egypt is January 28th ,2011 and not January 25th,2011.


  1. Don't be afraid. The celebrations will run smoothly. It's a good opportuinty for SCAF to show their nice face before the drafting of constitution, presidential elections and the very important final chapter of Mubarak's trial.

    Instead, look for the money that will be spent during these 18 days. I mean under the tables of course :)

  2. After the Salafeen have taken over, there will be no more National holidays. Just Eid ul Idha and Mouleed en-Nabi.

    1. Actually the Salafists do not celebrate Moulid El Nabi "PBUH"

  3. January 25, 2011 should replace July 1952 as Egypt's day of revolution as the latter is considered a coup.


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