Wednesday, January 11, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Hama Massacre Documentary

Despite the Hama Massacre of 1982 is one of the most horrifying massacres in the 20th century yet it seemed for more 29 years forgotten thanks to the lack of the international media access and lack of interest of international community as well then.

This is a documentary footage was produced from 27 years ago , in 1984 and it includes important testimonies and photos for the doomed city after one of the horrific crimes in the 20the century. Unfortunately it is in Arabic only so far

Hama Massacre : 1984 documentary

Can anyone help us and provide translation and subtitles in different languages !?

The international media under the iron fist of the El Assad regime “in its golden dictatorship time” were allowed in to the city after the massacre and after the city was cleaned , a ghost city in front of the international correspondents who covered the results of that battle between the Syrian regime “secular regime” and Muslim brotherhood forces !!

Boldly enough El Assad mentioned the massacre as the battle which his dad’s regime made a victory over the militant gangs !! and what victory it was.

Next February 2nd ,2012 will be its 30th anniversary of that massacre in time where mini Hama massacres are committed on a daily basis.

One of the main criminals of this massacre is still alive and he is enjoying his time in Europe between Spain and UK , this man’s name is Rifaat El Assad who still got the balls along his son demanding to play a role in the future of Syria after destroying it from 30 years ago. 


  1. Never watch this! Thanks for sharing

    1. It is my pleasure , can you us in translating this documentary dear Ruslan !?

  2. Thanks for posting this- do you know who it was made by, and where it aired?


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