Monday, January 30, 2012

#Jan25 : Kasr Al Nil Bridge ; another Symbol of the revolution in #Egypt

Despite tens were killed and hundreds were injured on the Kasr Al Nil bridge yet it took the people a whole real to realize that its iconic significance  in this revolution.
I am totally against idolizing the symbols but that bridge has become another official symbol of the revolution.
Kasr Al Nil bridge is another icon of Cairo , one of its old bridges since the time of Khedive Ismail , it has got many tales about the city called Cairo yet I think its most important tale is how millions of Egyptians used it to cross to fear to freedom in 2011 in a historical scene my generation will not forget.
#Jan25 : The Kasr Al Nil battle
The old bridge with four lions “Said to be referred to Khedive Ismail’s sons despite his sons were actually more than four” also has got a tale on how hundreds of thousands of Egyptians came back to Tahrir square in long marches in a year later to show the world that they are still want that democracy and freedom many died for last year.

I wish that Mubarak had seen how the bridge looked like this year because most of these protesters are the children of his era.
P.S : This video below was filmed on January 28,2011 at Al Galaa bridge showing the protesters singing the national anthem , it is more than great.
#Jan28 : The national anthem at Al Galaa square

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  1. Thanks for the memory..however many times I watch the video of the battle, it always makes me proud.


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