Sunday, January 29, 2012

#Jan25 : The Police officer we want

Police General Mohamed El-Batran
Today marks the day where Police general Mohamed El Batran was killed by his colleagues from a year ago in El Kat prison for refusing to let the prisoners out of the jail to create chaos and fear in the society.
I will say one thing.
Mohamed El Batran is the true grandson of those Police heroes that stood with the resistance against the British occupation in 1952 , he is the true hero of the January 25th Revolution from Police when he refused to take the orders  and let the prisoners out.
In Post Revolution Egypt , I want Mohamed El Batran to be a role model for the Egyptian police , this is the Egyptian police I want and I will seek to have it.
I want a police force that is ready to die to protect the people and its moral campus is not the corrupt. I want a police force that is ready to die to protect the law and not the regime. 
My big salute to his sister, Dr. Manal El Batran ,the true Egyptian lady who did not give up the rights of her brother.

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