Monday, January 30, 2012

#SCAF and US Aid : No smoke without fire

First we knew that 3 of the 4 of Egyptian government’s lobbyists in D.C dumped us on Saturday then today we found a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo denying that they dumped us because we were the one who dumped them.

Second now there is a delegation from SCAF currently in D.C and for sure it is headed by Lt. General Mohamed El Assar , that delegation goes to Washington after the NGO raid and the decision to bar US citizens working in NGOs including the son of some congressman forcing John McCain to slam SCAF.

Then on Monday we found rumors that some claim to be news that the States have decided to cancel the US Aid to Egypt after more than 30 years at least according to Al Mehawar TV channel.

The news is confirmed by some sources while denied by other sources including the Egyptian ambassador in D.C. Today I got a tip from a friend based on another source from the States "Supposedly credible" that aid is going to be cancelled because of the human rights records of SCAF " I highly doubt it is about human rights only because let's not fool ourselves for 30 years Washington did not much care about the human rights records of Mubarak's regime"

Another source told me that it will be cancelled but it will return in another form , may be in development program

Then we got the Washington Post report about those American NGOs employees hiding in the US embassy for fear of detention. 

I am trying to get more details but let’s say it is agreed that the fate of the US aid was going to be determined by the States sooner or later when Egypt gets a new regime and the Egyptian policies are cleared to Washington whether it is US/Israeli friendly or not. It is matter of time in my point of view. There is no smoke with fire and there is a lot of smoke here.

If the news is true and the US aid is cancelled , I will be very happy and consider it as a victory for the revolution as well the American people who need this money more than we do , especially we have got a lot of stolen money inside and outside Egypt that ISA we will restore back. We do not really need it.

It will be another a victory for the revolution because Egyptians have always wished this US aid to be cancelled because they have always felt that it was a humiliating slavery contract in time of Mubarak.

You must know if that news is true , SCAF will use it to increase its popularity among Egyptians once again as nationalist council that does not accept any Americans orders to appoint this or that.


  1. Shortly after Mubarak resignation, Egypt allowed 2 Irani ships to cross Suez Canal. People were saying it was an Anti-American sign, and that we're finally out of the USA circle. I didn't see that. Why? Flashback a few months before that and you find Egypt agreed for an airline path between Cario and Tahran under the rule of Mubarak and Ahmed Shafik as minister of civil aviation. It was a move to make sure US government will close its eyes over the 2010 parliamentary elections.

    When I was young, I used to wonder how come several countries have a financial crisis and help other countries with aids.

    Politics don't work that way. The US government knows very well that if it doesn't provide us with weapons, we'll seek it from somewhere else, and this can't be allowed by the Jewish Lobby. Yeah, there will be some loud talk, but this is probably to give SCAF some badly needed points here in Egypt.

    I feel something is going to happen here in Egypt in 2-3 months, and SCAF and the US government are trying to make a deal. I will not be happy if the aid is stopped until I see the next step.

  2. The Jewish lobby... Dear Egyptian friends, wake up. Stop seeing Jews everywhere. The Sixth of April bloggers and the young people who took to the streets last year did not care about the Jews, they cared about Egypt. Right now the Americans are angry because six NGO members who are Americans - one of them being the son of the transport minister - are prevented from leaving Egypt. One can unerstand.

  3. It is well known fact that Tantawy was never friendly or supportive of the US in terms of Egypt's military structure and arms make-up.
    The US administration is getting tired from the SCAF leadership for its brazen actions against American citizens and would probably look forward for the SCAF to moderate its hard stance as it my loose $1.5 billion who's lion's share goes to pay and arm the military.

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