Monday, January 30, 2012

The Gamat Al Doul crime : What really Happened !?

The day has not finished and I found out that there is a murder crime took place in the heart of Mohendessin area , the famous Gamat Al Doul street where a cae driver shot down a microbus driver by a gun in a traffic fight !! “At Hardee’s and Pizza Hut”

The drivers of other microbus went mad and furious and shut down the Gamat Al Doul street and El Batal Ahmed Abdel Street , which are from the most vital streets in the area.  From what I understood from dear friend Ahmed Fahmy who is currently in the scene tweeting what is taking place , the drivers went mad after hearing a rumor that the shooter was no transferred to the police station and thus are demanding to see him. The last thing I know a delegation from the family of the victim “whose name is Hatem , May Allah bless his soul” and couple microbus drivers will head to see the shooter n detention.

Of course our activists now claim that the shooter is a police officer while others say that he is an accountant and actually I would like to ask would our activists be interested in the incident if the suspect was not a police officer !? The mainstream media of course claims that the microbuses drivers are smashing cars and shops in the area. The Shops have closed already just in case.

Here is a video clip from Youm 7 showing the area after the shooting.

The Murder of Gamat Al Dol street

Unfortunately that microbus driver has got a daughter , a little baby that was just born from 40 days ago. People are extremely angry saying that the shooter was not at the police station. The Labor seat MP of the district Ayman Sadek of Freedom and Justice arrived to the scene trying to calm things down.

This is not an evil conspiracy in order to make the people hate the revolution , this is not also a product of the revolution , the revolution did not tell the shooter to pull the trigger and kill another man for God Sake !!!!!!! This is a terrible crime we have to analyze as a new social disease. I am totally against cutting the vital roads “ The ladies were let to drive though” but I am more furious about those who carry guns and kill people like that !!?


  1. Thank you for this excellent coverage. I am not raising suspicion for conspiracy, but is it a coincidence that 3 bank robberies in addition to this accident occur within 2 days that coincide with the revolution's memory and the raising voices asking the military council to leave? I am really puzzled with this mystery.

  2. Could it be that the taxi driver was almost killed by the recklessness of the microbus driver? Something has to be done abou these damned microbus drivers who put all of us at risk of death. I have yet to get in a single microbus that wasn't a death trap !

  3. I agree 100% with AnonymousJan 31, 2012 01:12 AM:
    Microbus drivers do not respect any rules - ok who does? - but they are used to railroad everybody. Sure - killing is not an option, however, I can understand that their provocation is just too much.

  4. Ahavat Eretz Israel1/31/2012 09:08:00 PM

    "If the news is true and the US aid is cancelledk. We do not really need it."
    WOW! WOW! WOW! :D Truly an Egyptian is talking.

    Don't you know that Egypt can only feed her people for 10 months a year? 2 months are foreign donations. You are such a wrecked and backward nation that most of you would die without foreign aid. I would be happy too, if the USA will finally pull the plug on your ridiculous army.

    Finally you would feel your inferiority and may be (although I doubt it) you will start working hard instead of producing gibberish bubbles of nonsense talk


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