Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where is the Dark Knight when you need him ?

After 48 hours or even 72 hours of frequent armed robberies across the country , one must wonder when we are going to have our Egyptian vigilant Superhero , that fights crimes and saves the day if the police is incapable of doing its job.

From two days ago in Sharm El Sheikh an armed robbery happened in a currency exchange office where the thieves killed a French tourist in their escape. The crime is extremely dangerous and could affect a whole season in Sharm without doubt yet despite its dangerous impact there was nothing about it as it should in the media !! Anyhow I present my condolences to the French tourist’s family on behalf of many Egyptians

The MOI announced today that the police managed to arrest the thieves and released a clip from the currency exchange office’s surveillance camera showing the theft itself.

One must wonder if Sharm El Sheikh was only Safe when ousted President Mubarak used to spend most of the year there !!  

Now today was a day some Egyptians felt that they were living Chicago in the 1920s especially in Cairo !!

HSBC branch in New Cairo was robbed by an anonymous masked gang wearing galabiyas and Palestinian Scarfs. They stole about LE 800,000 and ran away in some back SUV. The eye witnesses said that they only took ten minutes before leaving the scene , nobody was harmed except few injuries . According to news reports one scarf was found in the scene and it is believed to belong to one of those thieves. Already I do know how that gang escaped as the ring road was like hell today , in fact I do not know if they have been arrested or not yet as we got contradictory reports.

What is unique about HSBC theft is that the employees working in the building in front of it filmed the escape of that gang.

Ahram Online : The robbery of HSBC
New Cairo : HSBC robbery

For sure HSBC surveillance cameras filmed the theft

Anyhow this was nothing besides the theft of AMANCO security vehicle that was transferring more than LE 6 million in Helwan city in one of the biggest armed robberies in Egypt. It is not the first time AMANCO security vehicles are being attacked by the way. The police announced that it arrested one of the suspects in this crime.

As usual the two teams of revolution supporters and haters go to their seats and accuse the MOI and the revolution respectively in a silly way. The revolution supporters went to the extreme and accused the MOI of standing behind these crimes in an attempt to scare the public from the revolution while the revolution haters on the other extreme put the blame on the revolution.

Three shocking thefts that do not surprise me with the lack of the general security and the spread of arms. I am shocked at how fragile the police is , I do not understand how violating the basic human rights from their point of view would lead to security !!

The best thing I have heard tonight was that as the Egyptian protesters are commemorating the #Jan25 Revolution , the thieves and thugs commemorate the lack of security resulted from the disappearance after the #Jan25 Revolution. Another funny thing I have heard today was that we have become like the States for now , we got armed robberies !!


  1. مشكوووووووووووووووووووووووور جدا اخى العزيز
    وارجو ان تزور مدونتى المتواضعه


  2. Problem is... if there is ever an Egyptian Dark Knight, there will be voices that will keep saying that he is "3ameel", and has an agenda to burn Egypt. They will keep repeating that all over the media until the average Egyptian will think that we are better off without him, and that everything is his fault (just like what happened to the real Dark Knight, but on the Egyptian way).

  3. As always, Egyptians are the masters of spinning conspiracy theories.

  4. In Egypt (not only)to win the election one must be a good Muslim, the best of all, the Muslimiest among the Muslims. Be him the worst thug this planet has ever seen. Then, to balance the executive, there is no free judiciary, no free press, etc… Only the clerics control the executive. Arab spring? The Arab world is a huge cloaca, an all-seasons one!

  5. The robbers in Sharm started shooting when bystanders and police tried to stop them. The Dark Knight in Sharm was in fact a brave policeman on his motorbike who risked his own life and went after the robbers, eventhough they were shooting at him. Thanks to him the criminals were arrested very quickly, one of them got killed during the arrest.

  6. ثقافة الهزيمة .. عصابة البقرة الضاحكة 6‏

    و فى حوار مع القيادى الأخوانى إبراهيم صلاح المقيم فى سويسرا منذ عام 1957 و نشرته جريدة المصرى اليوم فى 23 إبريل 2011 جاء فيه وما صحة ما نشرته بعض المواقع من أخبار عن رفض سويسرا عرضاً مصرياً لشراء بنادق قناصة وقت الثورة؟ - حدث بالفعل وحكاها لى أحد رجال المخابرات السويسريين فى حضور عدد من الشخصيات العامة، وقال أنه بعد أندلاع الثورة بيومين تقدم السفير المصرى فى سويسرا مجدى شعراوى، وهو صديق مقرب من «مبارك»، بطلب للحكومة السويسرية لشراء عدة آلاف من بنادق القناصة سويسرية الصنع بها تليسكوب يقرب لمسافة 1000 - 1500 متر، وجهاز يحدد المنطقة المطلوب أصابتها، وجهاز رؤية ليلية ويتم التصويب بدقة الليزر، وذخيرة مخصوصة وهى لا تُحمل باليد، ولكن لابد من تثبيتها على قاعدة ويُقدر سعر البندقية الواحدة بنحو 4000 دولار، ولكن الحكومة السويسرية رفضت الطلب.

    الحكومة السويسرية أدركت كيف سيتم أستخدام تلك البنادق، وبالتالى رفضت أن يكون لها أى دور فى تلك العملية.

    و تحت عنوان " لواء شرطة : مبارك كان يتسلى بالشرائط الجنسية للفنانات" ...باقى المقال فى الرابط التالى


    و المقال به معلومات هامة عن عمر سليمان.

  7. My guess and -its just a guess- is that Salafist/Jihadi groups are building up their war chests. Hizbullah kidnapping and drug-smuggling, Algerian & Pakistani members of AQ doing credit card fraud, Chechen gangsters, Indian muslim mafia, Somali pirates, Nigerian oil thieves. These are all connected to fundamentalist, religous movements.

    The guys in the 1st video appeared to be well-armed for bank robbers. It has nothing to do with the core of the Revolution and they didn't look like NDP stooges.

    Some will say, this is exactly why you need Sharia. Mubarak supporters will say, this is exactly why you need someone like Mubarak. Why do they sound identical? Because they both believe by using extremely savage laws and depriving everyone of their freedom you can solve the crime problem.

    So all crime, becomes official crime, the crimes of clerics or the military or the business elite which is not really crime is it. If law-makers are the law-breakers? If it is in the cause of God, anything is permitted. The Supreme Leader lied to the Iranian people and persecutes them yet he is a religous man. He supports Assad ( who has killed 5000 Syrians) yet he is a religious man. He has 1-2 billion in assets yet he is a religious man. George Bush was also a religious man. Look very carefully at your religious leaders.


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