Thursday, January 5, 2012

#Mubaraktrial : Prosecution demands Mubarak’s execution

And the prosecution ended its case on Thursday in the shooting of the protesters case demanding the execution of Mubarak , El Adly and 6 of El Adly’s former assistants. Today the prosecution revealed a lot of interesting and controversial points :
  • The prosecution compared on how Mubarak acted in the 1997 Luxor terrorist massacre and how he acted  in January 2011.In 1997 he replaced the minister of interior El Afly wit the head of the state security El Adly then after the murder of couple tourists where as hundreds were killed in 2011 and he did not move to stop their systemic shooting of the protesters. 
  • Mubarak claimed in the prosecution’s investigations  that he did not know what was really happening and that the protesters were getting killed. “Habib El Adly is in deep trouble
  • El Adly from side claimed that he could not shot a single live bullet without Mubarak’s permission and that Mubarak held two meetings ordering El Adly to stop violence against protesters. “The general attorney did not say when but it seems that Mubarak did know on the violence against the protesters”
  • Mubarak also claimed interestingly that he stepped down because the army refused to do what he assigned it to do !! “What was that ? I can’t keep myself from thinking about what Tantawy said in the court.”
  • Former ministers of interior Wagdy and Eissawy stated the minister of interior has no power to use live ammunition against the protesters except by a direct order from the president of the state. “I remember that Eissawy raised that issue over and over in TV interviews before being appointed as minister of interior”
  • The prosecution is insisting that even if Mubarak did not issue the order for the shooting the protesters , he did not give the orders to stop the violence against the protesters.
The public prosecution also started its case against Mubarak , his sons and runaway Hussein Salem in the corruption and bribery case.
For the second in row Mubarak shows up late allegedly because of the mist in the Cairo-Ismailia highway and the bad weather conditions.
Tahrir newspaper claimed today that Mubarak did not show up in time yesterday not because the bad weather condition but rather because he did not want to go !!
I do not know if Farid El Dib showed up today or not. Of course I wish that there were cameras allowed inside the court because I wanted to see the facial expressions of Mubarak , his sons , El Adly and the 6 assistants after hearing the prosecution demanding the execution penalty.
Even if the court orders the execution penalty , Mubarak can appeal the court and wins or even gets a pardon for age and health reasons. It is worth to mention that if the court orders the death penalty for Mubarak , I think Farid El Dib should quit his job because it seems that he never wins a case considering Ayman Nour  case , Azzam Azzam case and Hisham Talaat Mostafa case !!
Many activists consider this as a concession before January 25, 2012.
Back to the trial the court is adjourned to next 9th and 10th January 2012. According to some news the court has punished the officers responsible for leaking that recording of the prosecution on January 3rd,2011. I will publish the leaked recording that was published in Al Arabiya.
Mubarak’s trial : leaked recording from trials
Also the minister of interior Ibrahim has defended the police officers who saluted El Adly on January 3rd ,2011 and claimed that El Adly was the one who saluted them and they had to reply the salute for human reasons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smiling to El Adly
Ibrahim also claimed that the MOI did not help the prosecution in the killing of the protesters case because the MOI was a collapsed ministry by January 28th  !! There were no investigations nor reports nor evidence collected then !! “Of course  it was, was not every police officer and official disappeared after 5 PM across the country !?”
The GIS also fired back claiming that the apparatus is the servant of the Egyptian people denying that it did not cooperate with the prosecution. The GIS stated that according to the law it does not interfere or supervise in other ministries or internal issues in Egypt.
The families of the martyrs welcomed and cheered the demand of the prosecution to execute Mubarak and the rest of the gang.


  1. "Mubarak also claimed interestingly that he stepped down because the army refused to do what he assigned it to do !!"

    Makes sense. Egypt is ruled by a military junta, the "Free Officers". Sham elections = no democratic credibility. No support from officers = retirement.

  2. 69 tourists were killed, thats 67 more than a couple. I'm glad you brought up the Luxor massacre because there are odd things about it. It killed tourism for a while but the tourists did come back.Since it occurred under Mubarak you can assume it was directed at his regime. But Turkey under a moderate Islamic gov't fell victim to something similiar.
    If the safety of travellers can't be guaranteed, they are unlikely to visit. Sad but true.
    What is odd is that incidents like these in Saudi, Morroco & Tunisia are of minimal interest either out of fear of these groups or partial/mixed approval of their actions, the assumption being that muslims would never be killed by other muslims. Obviously what we are seeing in Syria(5000 dead), Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and other places shows this is not true. It is a very big issue maybe the biggest that muslims have to face.


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