Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#Mubarak trial : Mubarak arrived late and the prosecution continues its case

And it is session no.14  , the prosecution should continue its case that will supposedly end tomorrow Thursday.
Mubarak arrived late because of the bad weather conditions , he is being transferred by a helicopter from the international medical center in Ismailia – Cairo highway to the police academy where the trail is held at New Cairo. There was thick mist earlier today.
Mubarak and other defendants in the trial got their own signature Chinese skippers now !! Oh yes slippers with the photos of Mubarak and the rest of the gang are being sold for the first time in the trial today.

I did read what the prosecution said yesterday but some got leaks and it seems the prosecution’s case was not that strong , may be we need it to be transferred on air on TV so the prosecution would have a stronger argument to impress the public. Still today according to news reports the martyrs’ families who attended the session applauded the prosecution’s case today.
According to what was published the prosecution accused the security apparatuses including the ministry of interior and the national security of not helping them deliberately.
The prosecution also considered Mubarak and El Adly as the inciters and not as original perpetrators whom they can’t reach “police officers” , even if they did not order the perpetrators , they did not stop them through their positions from the systematic shooting.
The inciters’ penalty in the murder crime in the criminal law reaches to death sentence “Check Hisham Talaat Mostafa case” but the court needs in this case 
There were today two projector screens to show videos from the early of the revolution showing the systematic shooting of the protesters as well the testimonies of policemen from those who participated in the shooting of the protesters
From what I understood the prosecution has spilt the case of Mubarak , we got once again one case regarding the shooting of protesters and the other one about the corruption charges.

Update : 
Here is a leak from the prosecution addressing the court yesterday , it seems that someone recorded it and leaked it to Al Arabiya new network
Farid El Dib has been absent for in the past two sessions , today and tomorrow.


  1. why is El Adly looking happy....weird guy!!

  2. To me it looks like a set-up. The prosecution called Mubarak a tyrant and slammed him and his family most aggressively in order to appease the public - all this, however, does not provide any legal evidence and if the case is without evidence he and his accomplices will walk free.

    That is the plan. That is why the cases were all combined. It is legally correct, but treason nevertheless as justice is obstructed.

    I wonder, however, if they walk free: How can they ever live in Egypt? They will have to go into exile - and if they are even cleared from the charges of corruption they will live a very happy life.


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