Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#Egyelections : The 3rd stage of Parliamentary elections

Queue outside a polling station in Matrouh "RNN"
Earlier today the 3rd stage of the parliamentary elections in 9 governorates in Egypt. There was not high turnout like in the previous two stages. According to news reports the turnout also differed from an area to another and from a governorate to another.
The governorates participating in the last stage of the parliamentary elections are : Minya , Qalyubia , Gharbia, Dakahlia , North Sinai, South Sinai, New Valley , Matrouh, Qena.
Throughout the day there is nothing new when it comes to violations from everybody especially campaigning outside the polling stations.
Now there are interesting points in this stage :
  • After 24 hours from the start of the race the independent candidates are reportedly advancing in in Upper Egyptian governorates which is no surprise considering the families and tribal relations there.
  • Dakahlia got amazing combination of candidates , first the Revolution continues coalition got a strong opportunity in the Mansoura itself thanks to the full of support of popular Dr. Mohamed Ghonim there. Second we got the amazing anti revolution icons running in the governorate whether Mortada Mansour or Tawfik Okasha.
  • The fight between the FJ party and Salafist party is still there.
  • The number of voters in this stage is 14,500,000 voters
The Egyptian embassies held the 3rd stage of the parliamentary elections in the past two days through out the world.
Sealed ballot boxes in Dakahalia "RNN"

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  1. Final Round of parliamentary elections

    Visualising the images of the brutal and inhuman actions of the military or rather secret police against demonstrating, courageous Egyptians, my intention with writing this article is to come closer to what in fact is true.
    I do support the struggle for freedom and justice in Egypt. I am sceptical that a change will be welcomed by the wealthy class in Egypt which the military leadership belongs to as well. They are simply concerned of loosing a number of different privileges. As well as the Western World, which is still benefiting by supporting authoritarian regimes.

    There are elections in Egypt, and nobody is participating?
    I have received messages via the Internet, newspaper, television, claiming that participation is significantly lower in the second and third round. Why does the election have to be conducted in three stages? Egypt might be a huge country in terms of size, but as it is densely populated- most Egyptians are living along the Nile Delta- it should be anything but a logistical challenge to conduct parliamentary elections efficiently.
    The ballot papers are being counted in Egypt. Lost something? Who is counting them? Are results being manipulated? Different sources state that there are threats against polling stations, completely veiled women who are voting more than once and who are refusing to lift their scarf covering their faces in order not be identified. Mobile phone contracts at reasonable prices to make "the right cross."

    My truth is that I could not register for parliamentarian elections as an Egyptian living abroad, despite a valid identity card. My
    mother´s forename is not registered I have been told (we tried every possible spelling variation).
    My brother, also affected, just called the admissions office in Egypt, where a completely different name of my Mother was found, but even this name (in every possible spelling variation, although we got the exact spelling from Egypt) didn’t work. We were and remain excluded from this election.
    There are rumors, that Egyptians living in the Gulf region would have much easier access to registration than Egyptians living in Western countries.
    If one accepts the thesis that Egyptian exile from the Gulf states are favourising other political acteurs than those from Western countries, these rumors could make sense. Everyone is free to vote. This is what democracy is partly about. Only when votes are systematically kept out of the election, a democratic system falls.

    But in search of truth, I am asking: Is there anybody out there, who does not know his mother’s name or could report other absurdities?



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