Tuesday, January 3, 2012

US Embassy slams Al Masry Al Youm

The US embassy in Cairo has issued a short statement today slamming Al Masry Al Youm after what the famous daily newspaper claimed that the American administration has pressed the Arab countries in the Gulf not to aid Egypt financially.
Here is the statement :
There is no truth to press reports alleging that the States has asked Arab countries to refrain from providing financial assistance to Egypt. To the contrary, we are continuing to engage other international partners to look for ways to support Egypt during this transitional period
AMAY allegedly claims that the American administration has pressed the Gulf countries not to aid Egypt financially because SCAF appointed Ganzoury instead of Mohamed ElBaradei as PM.
You must know these sources of Al Masry Al Youm are the same source of Mr. Emad El Din Adeeb.
This news without doubt is a big blow to ElBaradei and his campaign portraying him as a man backed up by the States and that the States is ready to punish the country because of him. Needless to say the credibility of AMAY is decreasing day after day with my all respect to my dear friends working there.
This is another chapter in the going silly play about the foreign funding and intervention.


  1. US was perfectly happy with Mubarak and his army rule. They would never support true reformist like ElBaradei. The promotion of democracy and freedom is not first priority in US foreign policy, it's first and foremost priority is Israel and stable oil markets.

    Clearly SCAF & old regime is using back-channels to politically defame ElBaradei by portraying him as American whore... meanwhile SCAF is still shoveling the $1300 million dollars yearly from US to their own pockets? Yet people can't see the idiocy in this logic?

    ElBaradei is not even supporting US in it's Iran endeavors. ElBaradei and US NGO's are more in the same playing field, with US government? Never!

  2. Al Masry AlYoum is proving day after day lots of "opportunism".Gallad lost what's left of his credibility following the infamous incident of the Independent and now this false and cheap news!!That leaves many question marks regarding the newspaper's ownership agenda???Hope that won't hurt ElBaradei who I believe has solid credibility ...@amrazim2808

  3. To Yqxo: It may not be 1st priority for the US (which is US) but why should they be against a capable, honest gov't in Egypt. That doesn't conflict with their other aims. Egyptians need to decide what THEY want and stop obsessing about USA/Israel. Do they want to be like Saudi or Pakistan or Iran or Turkey? Egypt can be. If you think those gov'ts are the preferred chosen of the US you are deluded.

  4. l'europe et les état unis ne doit pas financer l égypte c est les pays du golf avec un parti islamiste au pouvoir la politique va radicalement changer donc c est les pays arabes qui fiance l'égypte mohamed él baradei le peuple diront il est trop occidentaux.
    amer moussa lui a la présidentielle a ses chances.
    non un président islamiste.................

  5. @yqxo
    The SCAF receives $1.3 billion annually from the US

  6. $1.3 billion is the same as what yqxo said, $1300 million. (In the American number system, not the British.)


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