Monday, January 2, 2012

The photo of the week : A look and a look

I will work hard to return this sweet post on a weekly basis insh Allah.
A look and a look "Al Masry Al Youm"
From Mubarak’s trial today by the photographer of Al Masry Al Youm


  1. The Hollywood Oscar awards are coming soon!

  2. If there happened a real revolution this prick should have a hole in his head, and couldn't pull a full Demjanjuk every day before court.....oooh I'm so sick. look at me, ooohhh
    This is ridiculous

  3. I like the look on the face of the man on his left,skepical!

  4. I don't know how much satisfaction this trial will give people. Looking at Arab Spring and comparing it to the end of communism in E.Europe.We see that former dictators met different fates. Gadaffi- summary execution. Ben-Ali- escaped. Saleh- negotiating. Romania-Ceaucescu-summary execution.Poland- General Jaruzelski (responsible for many deaths under martial law)never tried( in the interests of national reconcilition, regarded as a Pole who did what he saw as his duty by Poland).Czech Republic , Hungary - very few prosecutions but many martyrs. I suppose most were thankful to be free and didn't want to be prisoners of the past. Same with S.Africa. Of course, this is not Almighty Justice which is worth trying for but rarely achieved down here. Look at S. America - hundreds of thousands were butchered and very few answered for their crimes. Same with the Nazis who killed 6 million, only a handful were prosecuted. No one should be above the law but if a former head of state is on trial for months & years while a general crime wave is occuring in the country, it makes for a jarring picture. I'm not against trying him, he has a case to answer but hopefully this won't be the only achievement of the Tahrir Uprising and divert from pressing problems. Its not that the Czechs & Poles were stupid but doubtless many felt that they had some responsibility in allowing the dictatorship to last as long as it did if only out of fear. Also it was hard to find judges who had clean hands.

  5. moi seul dieu donnera la justice pas les hommes
    les hommes son lâche et égoïste
    un vieillard de 85 ans j ai honte pour l'egypte elle perdu sa dignité.
    alors que le procureurs il condamné a mort
    un hommes qui a fait une grande armée du monde arabe et d'afrique.
    alors la démocratie ya pas dans les pays arabes alors remplacer par une dictature islamiste en pire se que pense les occidentaux et le peuple europeens.
    la vrai démocratie elle seulement en europe.................


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