Monday, January 9, 2012

Naguib Sawiris heads to court because of a tweet !!

On early Monday we found out that Egyptian billionaire/businessman/politician Naguib Sawiris has been referred to court by the prosecution for contempt of religion !! Oh yes contempt of religion !! The trial of the famous tycoon will start on January 14th, 2012 to start a new media circus !! 
Naguib Sawiris is being accused of contempt of Islam after posting that silly Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse under Salafi rule illustration in his official twitter account in June 2011 showing Mickey with silly beard and Minnie wearing Niqab !!
A screen cap for the tweet

Yes in June 2011 where he apologized later and removed that silly illustration.

The illustration offended many Muslims during that time and the Salafist FB pages started a boycott campaign to Sawiris companies especially Mobinil making him to lose not less than hundreds of thousands.

Of course as someone who had stayed couple of years in the backstage of marketing world and as someone who studied marketing for more than 4 years , I can tell you that Mobinil’s rivals Vodafone and Etisalat loved what Sawiris had post and how they seized that golden opportunity to attract thousands of angry Muslim customers !!
Despite I am not in to the conspiracy theory team now but sometimes I feel that that sort of news is made deliberately to divert attention from what is really going on in the country. It has nothing to do with ONTV or its revolutionary TV hosts before anyone thinks that this is an attempt to punish for ONTV.
Again this is just a silly attempt to divert attention.
Sawiris should shut up honestly and so should the Islamist lawyers like Mamdouh Ismail , Youssef El Badry and Nabih El Washash. These guys should be silent for a whole for God sake. Strangely we have not heard from three lawyers about the violations of SCAF against the protesters especially women protesters last year !!?


  1. Did you see the triptic of the Mona Lisa showing her regular, then with higab and then finally with niqab. These Salafists really need to lighten up. Freedom of speech may still be a long way off.

  2. @CairoCarole, don't call Mona Lisa's non-Islamic garb "regular" because someone will bite your head off.

  3. This is an absolutely disgraceful violation of his freedom of speech.

    The photo is not even offensive. Islam has no dresscode, no's a global religion. So how can this photo even be considered offensive?

    Even IF it was offensive, he STILL has the right to publish it. The Islamo-fascists need to understand that freedom of expression and opinion supersedes their fairy tale beliefs 100 times over.

    It's a 2 dimensional image for crying out loud, how harmful can it be? Really stupid how they get angry over something like this or even the Muhammad cartoons.

    The fact that we still have blasphemy laws in our country is absolutely embarrassing. I want the real Egypt back, not the Egypt that's under Wahabi imperialism.

    1. Abu
      Most people talk about human right, freedom of speech and a lot more about freedom. I like to ask a question.
      When you do something or to do something, let say to write in this column, you need to follow the rule. Word must be type, capital latter must follow etc. So talk about freedom of doing thing must have a rule, to life in this world also have to follow a rul, who create our mouth? Why not have freedom to eat by ear if we thing we can have all freedom, can we have a freedom? if don like to life in Egypt there is a freedom to life elsewhere,If this world give a lot of restriction, try to find another world if you can.

  4. Hope this is not the shape of things to come. If he is being prosecuted this is not a diversion. I can imagine the type of characters that will be outside that courthouse.


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