Monday, January 9, 2012

#Mubaraktrial : A New episode

Today is a new episode from the Mubarak’s trial , it is the first session after the prosecution made their case. This is the 17th session if you still counting the sessions.
Mubarak has arrived on time today.  Again there is a small number of his supporters outside the police academy as a small number of the angry martyrs’ families.
Police academy : Mubarak arrives to the court
I do not know what we should expect today except may be more surprises from lawyer Amir Salem. The plaintiffs have allegedly reached to agreement that only 6 of them will speak today ,I highly doubt that there will be an order among the plaintiffs despite the attempts of lawyers like Amir Salem and Khaled Abu Bakr !!
The police generals arriving in white to court !!

@11:42 AM CLT

Lawyer Sameh Ashour from the plaintiffs demands that Mubarak and the rest of the defendants in the shooting of the protesters case to be executed.

@12:29 PM CLT

Lawyer Amir Salem from the plaintiffs accused former VP Omar Soliman and Field Marshal Tantawy of perjury. He also accused the national security and the ex-state security of having that secret cell made of 165,000 thugs to destroy the Egyptian revolution and to attack the revolutionaries.

@2:42 PM CLT

Recess , already judge Ahmed Rafaat has to hear 6 plaintiffs today. Before the recess lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr stated in front of the court that Mubarak was capable of stopping the attack on the protesters during the early days of the revolution adding that hundreds of victims and martyrs lost their lives so Mubarak would keep his regime. Abu Bakr demanded the court to apply article no.77 from the penalties law which applies death penalty for all those who attack the sovereignty of the country and its independence. Abu Bakr added that the former state security apparatus got a copy of these damaged records of CCTV films in Tahrir square included the case.

@7:38 PM CLT

Judge Rafaat has adjourned the case to tomorrow 10th January 2012 where he will listen to the rest of the plaintiffs. Today he heard 10 of them , the most famous three were Ashour , Abu Bakr and Salem.
Amir Salem as usual made a surprise in the court and revealed that the CCTV cameras in Maspero are connected to the presidential palace thus Mubarak knew what was going in Cairo , he also claimed that there is another copy of these important records that the national security is hiding away.

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  1. دي لعبة من المجلس العسكري أو اسفنجة لامتصاص غضب يناير اللي جاي ...
    حكاية تشدد النيابة في المرافعة وكدا ,, الأمر برمته , أن المجلس هو امتداد لشرعية حكم مبارك المفقودة أصلاً من بعد 1973 !!! "شرعية الجيش" وان مبارك حصلّه حاجة فدا أولا حيجر المجلس وكل ملوك العرب


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