Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Enemies of Libya !!!

Meet Lt.General Khalifa Haftar , the chief of staff of Libyan armed forces. 
Haftar : Egypt and Tunisia are enemies because they are poor.
Lt. General Haftar says that the armed forces of Libya should be ready for any danger because they  all Libya’s neighbors are enemies and want its wealth especially  Egypt and Tunisia as they are poor counties envying Libya on its wealth.
Despite the jazz about how great the Libyan scenario and we should apply it in Egypt by some  , I hope that we pay attention to our Western neighbors and their new leadership because we got military militias God knows how they think and we got Khaftar as well considering us as enemies !!
The big joke is how he considers Algeria as an enemy for Libya because Algeria is poor !! 
It is amazing how the defected Lt. General is speaking just like the late dictator and his sons !!!
By the way do we know the number of Egyptians who were killed and injured during the Libyan revolution ? Do we know the number of missing Egyptians during the revolution !?
I hope that our members of Parliament raise these questions because we need an answer.


  1. It would be interesting for the non-Arab speakers should you quote more of his speech.

    See also http://factdrop.blogspot.com/2011/11/cias-favourite-appointed-as-chief-of.html


  2. Libya can now become a sort of Kuwait of the Mahgreb, I guess. An improvement on Khaddafi.
    Egypt and Tunisia don't have to be poor. What he is saying I suppose is that there will be no Islamic or Arabic Solidarity in N. Africa. Too bad. It would benefit all.

  3. Zeinobia, Haftar is not the chief of staff of Libyan armed forces. The Libyan defense minister, Jwali, has appointed Mangoush as head of the Libyan National Army. Haftar simply commands a brigade with a similar name dating back to when he attemped a CIA backed coup to unseat Gaddafi about 20 years ago. His words do not represent the position of the Libyan government or department of defense.


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