Thursday, January 19, 2012

The way to The unclear #Jan25Two

Nobody expected that the original #Jan25 would turn in to a revolution on January 28th yet everybody is anticipating what is going to happen on #Jan25 two this year as well those 17 days following it more than ever.
We can’t say that there is something in the air only , everyone is anticipating what is going to happen whether from all parties involved , from SCAF to political powers or the protesters or even the people , the majority of the people who are worried about the future for the country.
There are recent news every day that make me worried because if they prove anything  , it will be the uncertainty
  • The constitutional court has rejected the draft law of presidential elections presented by the government as some of its articles contradict with the constitutional declaration issued in March.
  • Former 1970s minister Mansour Hassan is being suggested as a president , he heads now that advisory council.He is old and despite Sadat was planning to appoint him a VP in 1981 instead of Mubarak , it is good that he did not become the president. I think his name is being tested as a potential presidential election not by the military , he is too old.
  • Speaking about advisory council , Al Wafd party’s chairman Siyad Badawy has resigned from it today allegedly to have more time in heading his party. “Why did not he resigned his economic empire as well !?” 
  • I will not even go after these rumors saying that he is angry because the military chose Hassan as a presidential candidate but I do not think that Badawy will be mad even to seek that position in the first place yet there is something interesting in Al Wafd weekly issue on Thursday 

    Al Wafd front page
  • The pro-SCAF newspaper is now saying boldly “The people want the head of the Field Marshal” and “The military intelligence assassination plans” along “Mubarak and Tantawy , one end”
  • And inside “ The leaders of February 11th coup are planning to stay in power through blood weapon !!” 
Go and revolt !!
  • Either this is a Photoshop or we are in front of the introduction of some coup.
  • I have always known that SCAF divided in to islands and it seems that the Island of the Field Marshal Tantawy is losing in front of the other islands. I feel we are in front of silent coup. Tantawy is an old man after all whose name never came in the presidential candidacy nominations in Egypt before the revolution , it has been always the chief of staff whether Halaby or Hatata or Anan. I have always regarded him as Mohamed Naguib in his own way with my all due respect an admiration to great Noble Naguib May Allah bless his soul while Aanan is Nasser. Anyhow I do not think that it is Anan who will head the scene in the future , it is Mr. X or rather officer X.
  • Rosa Al Youssef claims that General prosecutor in Switzerland has issued a warrant against Suzanne Mubarak , well boys and girls it is untrue just

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