Friday, February 3, 2012

Another sad Friday

After one hell of a night in Cairo and Suez as well Port Said , the death have increased in to  2 in Suez and 2 in Cairo while the injured in Cairo, Suez and Port Said have reached to over 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we have the bloody #Mansour street battle in Cairo where two have been killed. The first one is 32 years old Ali Hassan , an artist as well a father of two kids was shot by security forces. The second one is 24 years old army officer Mohamed Fouad , a CSF vehicle ran over him by accident.

May Allah bless their souls all.

There is a lot of rumors about late Fouad and why he was at the MOI , some say that he was among the protesters while to be honest I saw in the footage aired on TV from the MOI’s side couple of army officers and soldiers protecting the building.

There are marches heading to Tahrir square , another march is heading to the ministry of Defense.

I am already fighting flu , so much depressed.


  1. Our hearts and minds are with You and we will remember the victims of the clashes. We are pressing thumbs, that its not getting any more worse! Greetings from Poland!

  2. Thinking you all from France


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