Saturday, February 4, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : #Khalidiya Massacre {+18 Graphic}

It is a rule now as soon as there is a disaster in Egypt and clashes between protester sand security forces in Egypt that capture the attention of the world , El Assad regime commits a horrible massacre in Syria , it is not a pattern anymore , it is a rule.
Tonight the Syrian Arab army that follows El Assad has been bombarding Homs especially the El Khalidiya neighborhood for hours killing hundreds and injuring hundreds as well. The Syrian air forces are reportedly participating in the offensive. Many houses are reportedly destroyed over the residents , I read the description and I freak out more than I am freaking out already for what is happening in Egypt.
The death toll has reached so far 230 according to the local coordination committees in Syria !! The injured numbers are increasing , we have reached so 800 injured. The video clips coming from El Khalidiya tonight are than horrible.
Homs : Shelling El Khalidiya late night by mortars
The Mosques fire back at the shelling of the city with “Takbeer” repeating “Allah Akbar”- “Allah is greatest” . Tomorrow marks the Moulid El Nabawy , Prophet Mohamed’s birthday anniversary which is actually a feast for Muslims worldwide.
Homs : Takbeer Vs. mortars
There are news that bodies of children were found headless in the area to the and complete families have been killed. Below couple of videos showing a glimpse of this massacre after the break . {+18 Extreme Grpahic content}
Homs : El Khalidiya (+18 Graphic) headless child
Homs : The injured and dead of Khalidiya Massacre
Homs : A complete family killed in El Khalidiya
Homs : The victims , the martyrs in Homs’ hospital
Now I am receiving tweets claiming that the water in El Khalidiya  is being poisoned and people are dying there just like what happened in Hama in 1982 but there are people who are saying that due to the constant shelling targeting the area it seems that the water station and the sewage station were blew up and the water is mixed with sewage thus people are getting sick and poisoned.
El Zabadani neighborhood in Homs is under attack as well.
It seems that there are other two military operations as well in Reef Dimishaq and in Hama as well several clashes in the country between the Free army and the Arab army. It is confirmed that there is huge operation in Reef Dimishaq.
The villages of Ghouta and Barada near Damascus are reportedly under siege by El Assad regime with no food or electricity or telecommunication
There are news about a massacre currently committed in Palmyra and Palmyra infamous prison where hundreds of prisoners are being executed. By the way it is not the first time Palmyra prison witnesses a massacre committed against its prisoners by El Assad regime, it happened in time of Hafez El Assad.
Syrians all over the Globe are called now to protest in front of their embassies , in fact if I may suggest “I hope my Syrian brothers and sisters consider one of them” that they should make their embassies’ employees mad by sending them white faxes “or even faxes with El Assad human rights crimes” and making their telephones’ busy.

Updated :

The death toll of the massacre has reached to 300 Syrian while the injured numbers have reached to 1300.Some reports claim that 57 child have been killed last night.
Syrian opposition figure Obedia El Nahas says the Syrian NTC received information that the operation in Homs might last for 5 days !!

The videos emerging from the city are more than horrible “Extreme graphic content”
Homs : More dead bodies in the field hospital
The following video includes a terrible video showing a smashed head , please be careful , it is extremely graphic.
Homs : More dead bodies in Homs field hospitals.
The damage in the city is more terrible and evidence of must worse reality than we think.
El Khalidiya Massacre’s blood trace in streets
El Khalidiya Massacre truce of destruction
It is 1:04 PM CLT and there are funerals all day long in Homs.The funerals are being attacked as well by the security forces  , in one funeral 5 mourners were reportedly shot down. The mourners in Daraya in Reef Dimshaq have been attacked as well.
The victims in the morgue

 More photos showing the massacre's victims in the morgue.

Back in Cairo a group of Syrian activists stormed Syrian embassy trying to destroy it  as well setting it on fire but they were arrested by Egyptian security forces.
Cairo : Storming the Syrian embassy in Cairo

I wish that they have waited till the morning. The Syrian protesters and activists are currently referred to the prosecution at Abdeen court , I hope that they are released and do not get deported to Syria.
Members of Syrian community are protesting in front of the court.
In front of Abdeen court
Sadly enough same thing happened in Kuwait and Kuwaiti authorities arrested a group of Syrian protesters as well.
Amazing the Syrian protesters were let to protest in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia.
Moving to Tunisia , the Presidency there issued an official statement condemning the massacre and announcing that Tunisia is going to expel the Syrian ambassador. The presidency also announced that it does not recognize the Syrian regime as an official representative of the Syrian people which means that Tunisia may recognize the Syrian NTC.


  1. The future of Egypt and Syria will be determined by the popularity of it's main forces at play.
    Assad is loosing ground to the free Syrian Army through defections and has to rely on his internal security forces who are committing desperate criminal acts and are falling out of favor on a daily basis.
    The SCAF is loosing gradually popularity and the MB is playing it safe and gaining the trust of Egyptians each day.
    If this scenario continues, I anticipate the fall of Assad with the risk of a civil war in Syria and a moderate MB taking hold in Egypt with a change in the SCAF leadership.
    The Canadian.

  2. We of course will see none of this on Russian or Chinese news. They both blocked efforts to stop this blood shed.

  3. OH MY God!! I'm just speechless!!i can't describe what i felt seeing such brutality,7asby Allah w na3m el wakeel :((((

  4. But Assad & Khamenei are the Resistance. Why don't their people love them? Don't Egyptians love the Great Resistance against the Zionist Aggressor?
    Nobody loves those who massacre their children. End of story.
    Thats why Israelis hate Palistinian terrorists who blow up their children on buses. That is why Palestinians hate Israelis whose soldiers shoot their children.
    That is why Iranians hate the Supreme Leader. He is a dictator. He is a Mubarak, an Assad, a Khadaffi. He will kill their children to stay in power. But he is a good muslim, he is a Resister.


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