Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#Mubaraktrial : Last Chapter in Volume 1

Today after few hours either Judge Ahmed Rafaat will announce the date of verdict’s announcement or will announce the verdict itself in the trial of the century aka the trial of Mubarak.

Mubarak , Habib El Adly , the former minister of interior and 6 of El Adly’s assistants can face to death penalty if they are found guilty of giving orders to security forces to shoot the protesters in the early days of the revolution. If they are found guilty , there will be an appeal for sure.

Mubarak is facing two charges : Giving orders to shoot the protesters and taking bribes from Hussein Salem. Both of them especially in the shooting of the protesters case depend upon circumstantial evidence.

The shooting of the protesters case is built around the fact that Mubarak was the head of the supreme council of Police and Supreme council of armed forces from January 25th to February 211th 2011 and that the minister of interior can’t use live ammunition without his orders.

The shooting of the protesters’ case needs more evidence and according to the prosecution’s arguments from two days ago, the ministry of interior withheld the information needed. “Do I need to tell you about the GIS !? Mubarak somehow chose loyal men from what I see in the trial, I thought that they will continue selling him but I was mistaken !!”

If Mubarak faces a death penalty , the West and human rights organizations should not panic because as an old man he will be pardoned. Already personally I hope that he spends the rest of his life behind bars in order to know what the true meaning of freedom is.

As long as the security apparatuses do not cooperate properly with the prosecution as apparatuses working for the sake of the people sponsored by the tax payers then forget a real solid conviction.

I support the regular court system with all its flaws , I do not like exceptional revolutionary courts because innocent men always get stuck in the middle.

The so-called revolutionary powers do not consider this is a serious trial , in fact they consider it a charade despite they will be angry if Mubarak is acquitted.

This will not be the last chapter in the trial of the century , it is more of the last chapter in Volume I

More updates to come to this post.

@11:50 AM CLT

According to what I understand from the Radio news that Judge Rafaat suspended the session after a verbal altercation between the court and one of the plaintiffs !!!

Also the prosecution has informed the  court that the Tora prison hospital is ready to receive Mubarak according to the report of the health committee in the Egyptian parliament.

Newspapers in Egypt are claiming that El Adly is going to speak directly to the court today “Some say that he is going to present a written testimony” where he will expose the true role of Mubarak , field marshal Tantawy and former VP Omar Soliman in the revolution.

Many observers already believe that El Adly is going to be the scapegoat “as if he were innocent !!”

Newspapers also claim that Mubarak is going to send a letter to judge Rafaat to defend himself !!


  1. 'Tora prison hospital is ready to receive Mubarak according to the report of the health committee in the Egyptian parliament.'
    Only an advanced country like Egypt ofers the most civilized approach to criminals suffering from health problems.

  2. Strangely all these allegations against Mubarak and El Adly are limited to the murders committed during the revolution. Why aren't they held responsible for the hundreds of thousands Egyptians, who got unlawfully arrested, tortured and killed during the 30 years of his tyranny? He was "the boss" so he is responsible. He did build this system of oppression and humiliation. Economically he did run this country to the ground.

    How come that the prosecution cannot summon officials from the MOI and force them to testify - if they refuse send them to jail for contempt of court? How can there be a Minister who gives a public statement that his ministry does not need to be purged?

    If the Mubarak clan gets acquitted he can take all his accounts abroad and live a happy life - that should be noted too.


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