Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : What do you expect in a war zone ? “+18 Graphic and Updated”

Today the West was shocked after knowing that two Western journalists have been killed after their media center has been shelled earlier this morning. There are other journalists and reporters including number of Syrians. The two journalists are French photographer Remi Ochli and British famous journalist Marie Colvin. Both of them are war correspondent veterans
From less than 24 hours Colvin spoke to both BBC on the horrors she witnessed in Homs including seeing a baby dying. “A normal scene now after all the horrors recorded there”  This is the final report for Colvin in Homs published in Sunday Times
French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has confirmed death of Remi Ochile in violence in Syria. The 28 years old French photographer has already won the first prize in general news stories at World Press photo for the photo he had taken in Libya were among the best photos in 2011. Update : The Syrian government says that it can’t protect journalists who sneak in to the country illegally and that the foreign journalists should register at the immigration department to legalize their presence !!
Photos emerged for both late Colvin and Ochile in Egypt. Here is a photo showing late Colvin in Tahrir square , in February 2011.
Late Calvin in Tahrir square
Here is a photo for Ochile in one of the Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes.
Late Ochile in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes
According to activists from Homs , the security forces shelled the house where Calvin and Ochile were staying after one of them used a mobile phone , of course when I connect dots I will reach to target conclusion that late Calvin and the rest of the journalists became on the radar of the El Assad regime after her reports from inside Homs especially that last one.
This video below is shot allegedly from short awhile ago in Homs showing what is believed the house or the media center where Colvin and Ochile were staying , I do not know if these bodies appearing in the video clip are there or not.
Homs / Baba Amr : The alleged house of Colvin and Ochile
Here is another video also allegedly shot from short awhile ago at the same location in Baba Amr.
Homs/Baba Amr : At the journalists’ house
Here is another video showing the injured reporters who survived the attack at one of the field hospitals in one of the homes at Baba Amr.
Homs/Baba Amr : Foreign reporters injured at field hospital
On the other hand the Syrian Muslim brotherhood is saying that not less than 20 citizens have been shot down by Syrian El Assad forces in Syria , 19 of them are in Homs. Updated : Over 90 Syrians have been killed so far mostly in Homs as usual only today. According to CS Monitor The mortars El Assad army is using in Homs are reportedly 240 mm mortars !! “Are not these bit old !?”
Homs/Baba Amr : The Shelling on the city
According to journalist Jenan Moussa there 28000 civilians in Baba Amr district facing cold and hunger as the electricity is cut for several hours if not days and thus there is no heating. Of course the city is besieged so forget the food supplies as well.
Homs / Al Anshat district on February 22,2012
I think officially now Homs is a war zone , no one is safe and there is no exception for journalists , in fact journalists , reporters and above them the citizen journalists are on the target list of the El Assad regime. Yesterday one of the video photographers famous in Homs Ramy El Said was killed in Homs and today his brother is among the injured of the media center.
Ramy El Said was among the first journalists who recorded in video the crimes of El Assad regime in the famous Baba Amr district in Homs. Here is the a graphic video showing him in the morgue.
Homs/Baba Amr : Martyr Ramy Ahmed El Said 21.2.2012
Yesterday and today Baba Amr witnessed one of the worst and heaviest shelling from many weeks. According to the Local Coordination committees in Syria over 85 Syrians were killed yesterday mostly in Homs and Idilb
Here is footage for the shelling allegedly today somewhere in Baba Amr , I believe we need  video geographical tagging in order to make sure from the place because now some skeptics say that these videos are not shot in Syria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Homs : Baba Amr Shelled
The Aleppo University witnessed clashes between the brave protesters from students and the security forces with their ghostly thugs. Here is a testimony in Arabic for a student in the university describing how a small protest of 100 students started at 1 PM Aleppo Local time ended with 4000 students facing tear gases , gunshots and thugs attacks.
Here are clips showing the Aleppo university protest inside the campus
Aleppo University : The protest passing by the central library
Aleppo University : The protest at the faculty of pharmacy
Aleppo University : Destroying the frescos of Hafiz and Basil El Assad in Campus
Aleppo University : Bringing down the flag of El Assad and saving a student from thugs
Yesterday we were celebrating the Student Day in Egypt.
Despite all this I fear and refuse the direct foreign military intervention in Syria because I know Syria will not be the Syria we used to know , it will be another destroyed semi-nation like Iraq. Syria is unique multi-ethnic , multi-religious nation , just seeing how the blessed Arab media is turning it in to a sectarian confrontation between Sunni and Shiite.
Interestingly enough the office of People’s assembly Saad El Katanani announced on twitter and Facebook from short while ago that he met in early morning the head of the Iran diplomatic commission in Cairo.
The big irony today is that the Olympian Bahraini football team is going to play with the Olympian Syrian football team to see which team will go to London 2012 Olympics !!!!!!!!!!!
Update : And here it comes the moment that one football fan “probably from Syria” storms the field holding the Syrian independence flag. The match commentator was fantastic on how he captured the moment and how he saluted the free Syria. The people of Bahrain also saluted the scene , yet the people of Bahrain who are mostly Shiite are with the people of Syria because they know how it feels to be oppressed and to live in fear. I do not know which team has won but I will say both Syrians and Bahrainis actually won.
Syria X Bahrain : Both win

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