Friday, February 24, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Kick out El Assad’s thugs from our Country

Young Syrian activist Hadeel Kouki is currently living Cairo away from home in Syria. The Young activist received death threat yesterday and today morning thugs attacked her at her house. Those thugs working for El Assad regime attacked her at her apartment and beat her up badly.
Here is Kouki earlier this morning
Hadeel beaten
and Kouki before she was beaten !!!!!!!!!

Hadeel Kouki is from the few Christian activists who are standing against El Assad regime. I think Kouki should apply for political asylum immediately in Egypt and register in the UNCHR as soon as possible.  
Kouki was arrested by the Syrian regime for three times. Now Kouki is wanted by Syrian intelligence for bringing medical aid to the people of Idlib.
This is not the first something like this to happen, last year the pregnant Egyptian wife of Syrian dissident in Cairo was kidnapped and beaten then left in the street by the Syrian regime agents or rather thugs !!
As an Egyptian citizen I demand the ministry of interior and SCAF to kick out the El Assad thugs from our country , it is the least thing we can to do our Syrian brothers and sisters how are seeking protection and safety in our country.
Speaking about Idlib , the city has been for days now facing heavy shelling for days at the same time the Homs is witnessing the same thing , of course the media attention is focused on Homs only. Currently Idlib is under heavy shelling in this late hour.
The security forces began to increase their presence as well their crackdown for the students movement in Aleppo University.
The local coordination committees in Syria have announced that the number of martyrs in Syria have reached to 114 so far including 17 unidentified corpses , 14 children , a media activist and a defected solider. Out of the 114 martyrs , there are 58 martyrs from Idlib , 26 martyrs form Hama , 9 in Deir Ezzor, 7 fell in Daraa, 5 martyrs are from Quneitra, 4 fell in Homs, 2 martyrs fell in each of Raqqa and Damascus Suburbs (Daraya and Douma) and one martyr fell in Aleppo


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