Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#Syrian Revolution : Pray for Bab Amr

Early morning we knew from news wires and agencies that official sources in Damascus that the Syrian Arab army will put an end to those militant gangs in Bab Amr in Homs today.

This meant one thing a major offensive that would include ground operations in the old quarter that has been isolated from the world since the morning , we do not know anything except for hours now that 20,000 Syrian citizen are trapped there along with 4  Foreign journalists. “ Warning +18 : As well the bodies of Marie Colvin and Rami Ochlik”

The Syrian Arab army tried to storm the quarter from 4 areas and they have failed thank God 1000 times despite it was a ground attack. The Free Syrian army and the resistance in Bab Amr reportedly did a fantastic job in resisting the SAA. The SAA reached to an area called Hakora in Baba Amr and had to pull back because of the resistance in the area.

The FSA has reportedly lost a lot of men and arms especially that it does not own tanks as well their priority is transfer the women and children to safer places.

You must know that it is snowing since afternoon in Homs , despite the weather helped the people of  Bab Amr  , unfortunately the people in city of Homs are suffering the lack of electricity and fuel and you can imagine how they feel right now.

By the way here is a very rare interview for late journalist Anthony Shahid before 2 hours of his murder in Idlib , Syria. 

Anthony Shadid’s last interview

Link :

Bab Amr’s entry in Wikipedia “AR”


  1. Zeinab Anthony Shadid was not murdered but died from acute asthma attack because he was walking behind horses and he was allergic to those than anything else according to his dad. BTW I had a chance to talk to Anthony's brother few years back and they are a wonderful family. They love the middle east and love their Lebanese heritage.

  2. An Israeli Knesset member says anti-Damascus rebels in Syria have expressed willingness to “be friends” with the Tel Aviv regime if the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad falls.

    According to a report published by Israeli Ynet news agency, Israeli Labor Party member Isaac Herzog declared on Wednesday Syrian rebel leaders have informed him of their intention to have “peace with Israel” if the Damascus government falls.

    This whole Syria thing has Saudi USA and Israel written all over it

    1. Its funny, cause the Amrican secretary of state Clinton said that they cannot arm the rebels because they do not have a single and agreed structure and leadership, and you're saying that this back bench minor parliament member from Israel, who doesnt speak arabic and has no connections what so ever in Syria, found their leadership and have a peace commitment from them? It sounds like someone is pulling a prank here.


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