Thursday, March 1, 2012

Regarding the NGOs trial : It is more than NGOs crisis

The U.S NGOs workers have left Egypt today, they were taken by that U.S military plane that had land surprisingly in the Cairo international airport last night with no pre-knowledge of the airport officials. The military intelligence dealt with that U.S army small plane sent to get their U.S citizens.
That U.S military plane is going to head back to Cyprus where it came from and the 16 U.S NGOs workers on its board. The other foreign NGOs workers from Britain and Serbia have also left.
Cairo : The U.S workers leaving the country
The U.S embassy billed them out for $ 5 million. The Egyptians involved in the case are expected to be accused of a felony. Unlike what the official media claimed in Egypt all defendants in this case are facing only two charges related to unregistering the foreign NGOs and illegal funding.

I did not want to speak about the U.S NGOs trial because I knew there was more in the case that we did not know and it was not about NGOs or human rights or standing against SCAF. For weeks I have been overwhelmed with rumors , tips and news and trying to put pieces of puzzles together to understand what is going on. Still I think today is a good day to chat all my thoughts about this case.
From  legal point of view yes the NDI,IRI and Freedom House did something illegal against the law of the country according to our current laws that need to amended. From legal point of view and even from national security point of view you have to investigate the foreign funding coming to every NGO in the country. From legal point of view these NGOs should not get involved in politics according to current NGOs law.
Those US NGOs was that they were receiving small funding before the revolution but then their funding after the revolution hit the ceiling , it was strange but come on we are time of revolution, elections and new parties needed to be trained for democracy , they need to expand ..etc.
To be fair not only them because we got also Salafist NGOs that millions of dollars from Qatar according to the investigation of the public prosecutor and we are waiting to see what their issue is.
Already I do not think that an Egyptian NGO will be able to operate illegally without registration and receive huge funds from Egypt or the Gulf besides getting involved in politics in the United States. Already I think the Islamic NGOs in the States and their funds from Saudi Arabia have been through hells in the past 10 years after 9/11.
The US NGOs accused in the case wanted to register officially after the revolution but FM then Nabil Al Araby refused their request because it was against the current NGOs laws in Egypt. The NGOs are  not allowed to practice politics in Egypt officially. Indeed the current NGOs law sucks and needs to be changed , we need much easier one with less rules.
Anyone who understands in politics, international relations and history will know that in backstage it was and is another issue going on between D.C and the Cairo. It is not a master and slave relationship like that group of tweeps are speaking about on the internet , it is all about interest , game of interest as well game of survival.
The United States administration does not care about human rights or NGOs , it is only about the political and economic American interests. I do not know how SCAF thinks but I know the safe exist is too hard for their ego and they have their own calculations God only knows about.
SCAF’s popularity hit the sky especially it appeared that it did something Mubarak failed to do , it kicked out bad unregistered US NGOs from the country that Mubarak could not kick despite their illegal status because of the American pressures. It is worth to mention the US NGOs used to work with the NDP before the revolution. The popularity increased when some congressmen began to speak about the U.S aid in terrible economic situation and SCAF made it clear to the Yankees that we do not accept blackmail.
McCain and Tantawy last February 20th (AFP)
I know that the military delegation that traveled to D.C did not stay too long and ended the negotiations as if they presented their take it or leave it offer then Dempsey comes and urges us to solve the dispute of NGOs.
I know that US newspapers spoke about the Egyptian army’s finances then the Democrats wanted to increase the aid to Egypt against the Republicans wish in the congress. Then McCain himself comes in a short visit where he said that we were going to solve the case as friends. It is worth to mention this was the second visit for McCain in Egypt after the revolution , the first one was during the Libyan revolution. McCain is speaking about arming the Syrian opposition with direct US involvement.
Surprisingly after months of delay we found the aids from the Gulf began to flock after reading in Al Ahram newspaper that Iranian businessmen were going to invest in Egypt for the first time since 3 decades. And yesterday the US detainees in the NGOs Case were released and U.S Military plane comes to take them away from our country and its detention. The US praises the judiciary in Egypt
Economically we are not doing  well and regionally Syria is the new battlefield between the U.S and Russia and its alley in the region “Iran”. Politically speaking the U.S is entering an elections season while the Middle East is on fire. As much as it seems that it has made scenarios to deal with SCAF and the Islamists yet it seems for sometime it had a problem with SCAF despite its need for a real old alley in Cairo.
AGAIN The US administration does not care and will never care for real democracy or the human rights record to the end of these words that were commercialized long enough till they have lost their meanings; they only care for the US administration POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS.
What happened between the D.C and SCAF is the million dollars question for real. What made SCAF played a game Mubarak in 30 years had not dared to play and to stand even for weeks against U.S like that !? I heard a lot of rumors including a disturbing one which says that After the clashes of last November 2011 D.C began to think about SCAF Alternatives from inside and outside the army. I do not know how accurate that one is but for searching a SCAF alternative from inside the army means backing a coup 1952 copycat for real that time. Was that the reason ? God only knows along with a group of men and women for real in both countries.
The Anti-SCAF and Pro-SCAF supporters now are united with their anger on how the American NGOs workers are let ago like that after a phone call to the court. Some are wondering about the fate of the Egyptian NGOs workers involved in the trial. All the people are angry on how the judiciary in Egypt was cornered despite the fact the anti-SCAF supporters did not , do not and will not trust the judiciary system and that particular panel of judges in this particular case.
Of course the million dollars question : If the case continued in front of the Egyptian court , would this be the reaction of those Anti-SCAF supporters ? will they speak about the free judiciary !? I doubt it.
And yes I am angry that the story ended like that. It should not be ended by a telephone call , more dignified end please, more clear end to the Egyptians involved in the case as it is not guilt that they do not have an American passport !!
We will not learn the truth this month or even this year regarding this crisis for sure yet I am waiting for the memories of Faiza Abu El Naga and how she will defend herself in front of the world.


  1. The US doesn't care about human rights? Thats quite a gigantic generalization. There isn't a single person working in the whole administration who cares? Or maybe you mean they don't really care. Because they would do what? If they really cared.

    All I can say is Western voters do care about Human Rights. And their gov'ts better damn well care. If other peoples rights are attacked its only a matter of time before mine are. Which is really selfish I guess. Thats right - I am worried about Me & My Rights & any threat to them. Thats why I don't like dictatorships of any kind. I want to be able to vote out my leaders(even if they think they are emmissaries of a higher power). I want to be able to give them a well-placed boot on their behinds every 4 or 5 years.

  2. Asy Girah (aagirah)3/02/2012 11:19:00 AM

    I like your article, but please note that those are not 16 US NGO workers, the actual number is 17 for those who left on that plan, and the 17 constitute other nationalities: Palestinians, Germans, Serbians, Norwegians. Also, those people, together with their Egyptian colleagues actually did nothing except working in development. It was just a game played by Egyptian government for political gains.

    I've worked in development for 30 yrs, and you can not separate development from politics, you can not reform or develop anything without trying to change policies that control the area that needs development. However, one does not interfere in the political scene but tries to work with government people to showcase reform plan and try to set the proper policies that guide that plan. On the other hand, take a peep at the UN millennium development goals that Egypt is a signatory of, these are 8 goals to be implemented by 2015. You can not achieve those goals without changing policies and to change policies you will need to teach people about networking and about making the right choices through democracy. That's the work of NGOs, there's no interference in politics per-se whatsoever. Besides, no NGO can function without a government committee on top of its head, either from Ministry of Social Solidarity or أمومة وطفولة or مجلس القومي للمرأه

  3. I wonder who pocketed the 17 million LE bail paid out by the US to free the 17 NGO activists?

  4. Faiza Abu El Naga turned against and was used by the SCAF against the US when $20 million yearly fund she received from US was cut.
    '.... only care for the US administration POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS' Do you think the SCAF and the true Egyptian power brokers behind the scenes care about the welfare of Egyptians or themselves?


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