Thursday, February 2, 2012

To the Ultras Boys

To the Ultras Boys from Ultras Ahalawy specifically.
Ultras Ahlaway famous song about policemen
Whether you like them or not , whether you support them or not , whether you understand their sub-culture or not , the Egyptian Ultras played and is playing an important role in the Egyptian revolution.
Only a liar can deny their role.
If you think that the Ultras is dangerous alien subculture in Egypt then you should know why young generations join it. They join it because for nearly 30 years the Mubarak regime made football as the only thing available for them , made football as their own joy .
If football is the drug of the Egyptian people and its victims are the Ultras , well guess what they are being detoxified and now they are standing for their rights as humans.
Instead of attacking the Ultras , try to reach to them.
May Allah bless the souls of all the martyrs that were killed last Wednesday for no good reason.


  1. You are so much true. What a sadness...

  2. ... and now this Salafee says they are not martyrs, because football is fun and fun is forbidden in Islam


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