Thursday, February 2, 2012

#PortsaidMassacre : Everybody is Responsible

Anas , the youngest victim
Today people are sad in Egypt , today people who were against the revolution began to turn against SCAF and the ministry of interior. You hit the true addiction of the public in Egypt : The football opium in the worst way ever with a death toll of more than 70 Egyptians , most of them young students and some of them are kids actually , most of them are friends of somebody you know.
The parliament held an urgent session today to discuss the Port Said Massacre. It was not going to be aired live on TV if it were not for the majority of the MPs who voted for its broadcast on TV
PM Ganzoury has addressed the parliament saying that the government has decided the following :
  • To accept the resignation of Port Said’s governor “Despite last night he said that he would not resign”
  • To suspend the head of Port Said security directorate and the head of Port Said investigation bureau.
  • Suspending the Egyptian Football Association and referring its chairman and board members to questioning
Ironically the EFA chairman and board members requested from the parliament to attend this session. Some members of the Parliament accused of the EFA of being responsible for this massacre and not because they are losers but because they are the friends of Alaa and Gamal Mubarak. “ The EFA is a Pro-Mubarak regime , it is a fact”
Now the EFA boards members refuse the decision of the government and the FIFA supports them in the most worst careless scenes when over 70 Egyptians are killed
The parliament has reached out to the following today :
  • The Revolution’s martyrs fact finding committee will start it work ASAP from Port Said and is obliged to present its final report to the parliament
  • The Parliament will question the minister of interior accusing him of failure according to some old laws from years 1956-1958
 It is worth to mention most of the MPs have attacked the MOI and its minister as well the government and the public prosecutor. MP Essam Sultan hit the iron while it is hot for real without drama like Mohamed Abu Hamed demanding that the Parliament should question the member of SCAF responsible for the ministry of interior.
Few MPs demanded that SCAF hand over power to the civilians as soon as possible like Amr Hamzawy
The people of Port Said are trying to defend themselves accusing infiltrators as well the security of being responsible for this horrible massacre. For the record the Port Said of people stood in a long queue for blood donation last night.
The Port Said people waiting outside the hospital last night
For the record young men from Port Said were killed last night. “Despite I am extremely angry from them”
The banners of Port Said People against the clashes

Al Masry SC chairman and board members have resigned while Ahly club is going to sue the ministry of interior for what happened. Ahly Club has decided today to boycott Port Said city and its clubs for five years as well announcing mourning for 40 days.
The Ultras of Al Masry aka Ultras Green Eagles stated  in a statement today they are innocent of what happened accusing the SCAF thugs and media declaring that they will stop their activities indefinitely.
Hundreds of protesters especially from the Football Ultras members and fans are currently protesting in Sphinx square. “Ironically it started with an invitation from Shobeir”

The protesters have blocked the traffic in Tahrir square since early morning.
Tahrir square On February 2nd, 2012
There is a big protest now in front of Al Ahly club that will head to Tahrir square and the ministry of interior despite several people including that Alaa Aswany is warning from this move “ Heading to ministry of interior”.  Protesters at Ahly club in Zamalek are chanting against the government , SCAF as well Al Masry club fans.

I am extremely worried about their anger. Thousands of protesters “mainly from Ultras” currently at the MOI and I fear of clashes especially they removed the barricades. Here is a video showing some protesters hurling stones at the  CSF while other Protesters trying to stop them.
RNN : Hurling stones at the MOI
According to one of the eye witnesses in the protest at MOI , some CSF officer told him that they can call them names as they want but he begs that the day does not turn in to blood rivers.
The photos of young football fans’ funerals are surfacing , here is a collection of photos from a funeral of football fan from Port Said. There are funerals for fans in Alexandria , Suez , Mahalla , Cairo , Ismailia. The funeral’s prayers are held through out the day for technically kids !!
Facebook is full of photos of young handsome boys who were killed last night whether from Cairo or outside , whether from AUC or GUC or Public schools, whether rich or or poor or whether Muslim of Christians.
Yesterday Cairo Station witnessed a scene it has never seen before.
                                                     Cairo station : The moment Port Said train arrived
Cairo Station : The Ultras reception in Cairo station
                                                           Cairo Station : The reception of the Port Said train
Cairo Station : The train arrival and reception

 Breathtaking photos from Cairo station 

Now what really happened From my point of view ?

Based on the reactions of SCAF and the government “aside from the stupid comments of Tantawy” , I think the ministry of interior wanted to teach the Ultras Ahlaway a small lesson as their police officers in the game allegedly incited the Al Masry fans who were already did not need anymore but it went out of their hands because simply there was much tensions between the two fans groups according to all eye witnesses and testimonies.
Already all hardcore football fans expected that Ahly fans were going to be beaten by Al Masry fans regardless of the results because from six months ago Ahly fans attacked them.
Friends from hardcore football fans told me that it is along battle between the hooligans of the team and from what I understood Gemyhood that it is not only a political conspiracy theory much more of complicated Socio-political problem and we are all paying its price. This note was published by Ultras White knights FB official page on January 29,2012 and it is extremely important about violence between the Ultras group.
SCAF as usual proves its failure in leading the country , the stupid statements of Tantawy and Etman as well actions like receiving the Ahly players and not the injured made things worth yet the quick statement that announce an official mourning for 3 days “for the first time” and that plea to stop the attack on SCAF and the army by the admin of SCAF official page.
Logic says SCAF will not seek to anger the revolutionary classes and over them millions of Egyptians “from football fans” on the anniversary of the battle of the camel but SCAF actions defies logic to be honest. They are not smart as the Free officers boys after all they were chosen by Mubarak
Of course there is another important factor I have just remembered it : Where are the NPD big tycoons / businessmen in Port Said and their thugs ? For God sake Al Masry club was another citadel of NDP businessmen in Port Said !!?
Here is a video showing a Sports TV host in the Egyptian TV criticizing those responsible of ruling Egypt. It is unusual in the Egyptian TV but honestly from three weeks it seems that the TV hosts began to break that fear they had.
Egyptian TV slams the rulers of Egypt
FC Brayen Munich presents his condolences to the people of Egypt.
We are all responsible for this massacre , we are all responsible starting SCAF to MOI to Port Said governorate and Security forces to Ultras to clubs to Sports media to general media to political powers to normal Egyptians 


  1. What is it about football (we call it soccer here in the states) that invokes violence? I see it all the time in British matches and even here in the states I've seen school children's matches break down to parental violence.

  2. Not exactly everyone to blame.

    EIPR's initial investigation, according Al Jazeera English interview:

    - Security systematically didn't check tickets nor searched the fans.
    - Security let the cordon open for initial attack.
    - Witnesses said that attackers were mostly recgonizable hired local criminals armed with machetes and knives, that had nothing to do with being fans
    - Higher ranking officers commanded lower ranks to not intervene.
    - Security blocked all but one exit, causing people elsewhere in stadium to either jump from the edge (10-15 meters) or face armed criminals
    - Having only one exit caused higher stampede risk those trying to flee

    Looks like it might h ave bee as some pointed out, revenge by Old Regime (SCAF & Mubarak remnants) on Ultras.

    Would put a link up, but the video is not yet uploaded by Aljazeera English.

  3. I second yqxo, not every one to blame as the post suggested. Only the criminals behind it.

  4. The lamebrain English Wikipedia (at the moment of this writing and for the past couple of hours) is referring to "the Al-Ahly ultras" in their article about the Port Said Stadium clashes.

    @Demeur. Thanks for you incisive analysis. Isn't there some garbage that needs picking up?


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