Thursday, February 2, 2012

Football Tragedy : A Sad Day for Egypt

And I was wishing that this year no protester will be killed for demanding his basic rights, well I should have wished for more and asked that no Egyptian would kill another Egyptian for anything.
What started as a football game between Al Ahly club and Al Masry in Port Said ended in a human tragedy with a death toll of over 50 Egyptian mostly from young football fans “From 15 to 32” and the injury of at least 180 Egyptian civilians !!
Now in Port Said there is a big tragedy, a big defeat for all of us. I do not care who won or who lost.
One of the injured
The game should have been stopped in the middle when the Al Masry fans stormed the stadium between the two halves and the security forces from Central Security forces were watching and did not move !!
It is more than terrible to watch the whole thing on Al Ahly TV channel and see the Ultras fans and footballers stuck in the dressing rooms, the footballers trying to save the injured fans witnessing their death in front of their eyes. They are waiting for security to let them out and up till now nobody has come to save them. The hooligans of the Al Masry club did not stop at that but stopped ambulances for hours till they had to leave.
The footballers leaving the field
Al Ahly TV : Inside the Ahly team dressing room
A group of the injured are transferred to hospitals in Port Said.
There was a fire in the Cairo stadium and it turned out that Zamalek Ultras Fan set their big banner on fire, it has a meaning in the Ultras dictionary.
Now many tweeps and Facebookers are accusing SCAF and the MOI of standing behind this violence and consider it a revenge from the Ultras because of their political position.
The Ultras in Cairo “From Ahly and Zamalek clubs” played an extremely important role in the revolution since day one and their role was obvious especially in the camel battle which sadly enough its first anniversary will be tomorrow !!
Many of the revolution martyrs are from Ultras Ahlaway and Ultras white knights. Some of the founders of Ultras Ahlaway have passed away tonight.
Another group believes that this is planned action to impose the emergency law, already the emergency actually is imposed in case of thuggery either ways.
What enforced those conspiracy theories are the absence of the governor of Port Said and the head of the Port Said security directorate in the match “I do not know if they should be there”.
Even Former Prime minister Essam Sharaf believes in the conspiracy theory as a message intended to be sent to the revolutionaries.
On the other hand, other say it is the result of this tension between the Ultras groups especially between Canal clubs and the Cairo clubs showing the Al Masry Ultras fans threatening messages to El Ahly fans on Facebook.
Of course, all people agree that the police and CSF are totally responsible and they are because they could have controlled the whole game but for some reason they did not stop but they rather let the
Now to all foreign reporters who need more information about the Ultras and their history in Egypt as well background on what happened, I recommend you contact Journalist Gemyhood of UWK

@10:00 PM CLT

The security forces in Port Said announced that the Ahly club fans and players are going to be transferred to Cairo in the police buses but they are afraid to leave. On the other hand, there is a rumor that the Ahly and Zamalek fans are taking buses to Port Said.

@10:12 PM CLT

The Egyptian TV announced that the army has sent two military planes to transfer the Ahly fans and Ahly team.
There is a lot of rumors currently sweeping twitter like Hurricane.

@10:36 PM CLT

The Egyptian parliament will discuss the matter tomorrow morning demanding an explanation
There was a rumor that the governor of Port Said and the head of the security directorate were fired but it turns out it is a rumor.
The Egyptian premier league is suspended. El Ahly Club has withdrawn from the league as well other clubs. The Zamalek Ultras is supporting El Ahly. There is news that a number of Ahly footballers announced that they will quit playing.
The death toll reached to 73 Egyptians.
PM Essam El Arian blames SCAF and the MOI for what happened while Sheikh Fadel Soliman thinks it is a conspiracy made by the state security against the current minister of interior especially with that series of armed robberies.
Liverpool SC has offered its condolences as well a couple of Tunisian football clubs. There will be a lot of protests and marches tomorrow.
The people of Port Said is also Responsible and they should pay respect to those 70 martyrs.

@12:23 AM CLT

News about a march moving towards the security directorate in Port. One Policeman died in the clashes and people are not sleeping tonight in Port Said searching for their relative and friends in the hospitals.

@1:02 AM CLT

Here are photos foe the young men who have been killed today.
Hundreds of Ultras fans from Ahly and Zamalek as well the families of the Ahly supporters are currently Ramsis Railway station chanting “Down with SCAF” waiting to know if their beloved ones are alive or dead.

There are unconfirmed clashes in Suez between the Suez Ultras as two Ultras members from there were killed in the clashes. There are boys, young boys killed in the clashes from Damietta, Port Said, Cairo and Suez. So young, I can’t open my Facebook pages.
47 rioters were arrested in Port Said.
FIFA president has issued a statement !!
Field Marshal Tantawy has received the first flight transferring  Ahly team and spoke to the media saying that they would know the culprits and what happened in Egypt happens everywhere asking the people to stop this violence.
He also said that the families of the martyrs will be compensated.

Lt. General Ismail Etman went to the players and told them that what happened was actually planned whether Ahly won or lost and the culprits are going to be arrested and the big conspiracy would be exposed to the whole world !!

@2:03 AM CLT

SCAF has issued a new communiqué: Egypt will have an official mourning for 3 days.
I am scared from tomorrow.


  1. @Zeinobia "I do not care who won or who lost."

    Al-Masry, the Port Said home team, beat Al-Ahly, the visiting Cairo team, who were favored. The final score was 3-1. (The Al-Masry fans also got the better of the Al-Ahly fans.)

  2. Tragic news indeed! It seems regional antipathy exists everywhere. When these kinds of events occur it reflects badly on any govt and no govt would benefit from it.

  3. Z,
    I understand your fear from tomorrow, but knowledge is power. What happened in Portsaid carry the same fingerprints of the events in Maspero. In both cases, a calculated and planed ignition in the midst of well known existing tension. The outcome is catastrophic and deep divide between the opposed parties.
    You can add this mystery to the well documented snipers in Tahrir Square. Every one knows the bodies were falling, yet one year later there are no culprits.
    If you have a courages investigation, like the famous movie "Z," then you can penetrate up the ladder and reach the guilty head. If not, then you can't rule out other improvised events.

  4. This is a very terrible tragedy and my commiserations go out to the families of the victims.
    What a trivial occasion for lives to be lost!
    Apart from hoping for a general calming down, coalescence, security and normalcy for Egypt and the Egyptian people, in spite of the continued illegal, unilateral occupation of Halayeb and the same arrogant intransigence of post-Mubarak Egypt...
    I hope that the level of 'arrogance' seen in the aftermath of the Algeria-Egypt World Cup Qualifying match and spewed by the loudest voices in Egypt's media during the former regime which insulted both Algerians and the Sudanese...
    I hope that that level of arrogance has been relegated to the past for good. The sad events which purely featured Egyptian internecine violence prove that Algerians are not 'barbarians' who are prone to violence and that Sudan's security forces are not incompetent.

  5. My condolences goes to the families of victims who died for no reason other than being sports fans.
    This sad incident is the symptom of a bigger problem manifested by the incompetence of the security forces, a restless unemployed/underemployed youth with no future prospects and the loss of faith in the system.
    There is lot of HONEST work to be done.

  6. I am crying! This is horrible! Egypt does not deserve this. Is it conspiracy or is it democracy misunderstood? Is it anarchy? Is it that nobody wants to respect rules or the life of his fellow citizen?

    Tantawi - ridiculous???!!! Who among the martyr's families was ever compensated? Nobody!!!


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