Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Constituent assembly crisis : It is not about majority more about a whole nation

Everyday more members withdrew from the 100 members constituent assembly rejecting the way of choosing its members and the Islamist majority control. Of course it is worth to mention that there are talks now between the Muslim brotherhood and other non political powers and parties in Egypt. SCAF had a meeting today with the parties represented in the parliament to discuss the constituent assembly debate and gave them 48 hours to solve their issues. “Then what?” 
The Parties that have withdrawn so far :
  • The Egyptian Social Democratic Party “ 6 members including two Christians one of them in a woman”
  • The Free Egyptians Party “Three member”
  • Al Wafd Party “Three members including a Christian lady”
  • Al Karama Party “ One member”
  • The Socialist Popular alliance Party “One member”
  • El Wasat Party "One member-Essam Sultan" 
The independent members that have withdrawn so far :
  • MP Amr Hamzawy “From the 50 parliamentarians list”
  • MP Amr Shobaky “From the 50 Parliamentarian list”
  • Lawyer Sameh Ashour , head of bar association “ The 50 non-parliamentarians”
  • Dr. Ahmed Harara , Revolution protester and injured “The 50 non-parliamentarians”
  • Ahmed El Siyad El Naggar , the famous economic researcher “The 50 non-parliamentarians”
  • Ashraf Abdel Ghafour , the head of actors’ Syndication “The 50 non-parliamentarians”
  • Abdel Fatah Khatab , the representative of the Egypt’s labors unions general union “ The 50 non-parliamentarians”
  • Judge Ali Awad Salah , the representative of the supreme constitutional court because the court did not accept the insult of MB that the court will help SCAF in the rigging presidential elections " The 50 non-parliamentarians" 
  • MP Wahid Abdel Magid "From the 50 parliamentarians list" who withdrew from the first session of assembly to object the procedures of electing the head of the assembly 
The independent substitute members that have withdrawn so far : “ There are 20 members in each category to replace the original members if they withdraw”
  • Eman El Bahr Darwish , the head of musicians’ syndicate. “I think he is chosen because he is a little bit religiously conservative”
  • Rabab El Mahdy , the political sciences professor in the AUC and the political advisor of Dr. Abu El Fatouh “She is a Marxist”
  • Samir Marcus , the famous Christian writer
After the announcement of the final list we find many objections not form the liberal parties and parties who members are now viciously attacked by the MB members and Salafists but also institutions and from the Egyptians that found themselves excluded :
  • The Nubians protested in front of the State council today because they were not represented despite the Egyptian Nubian MP Amr Abdel Galil had presented a list of 22 Nubian personalities to the parliament so it would choose names from them “ I will not guess but I think Dr. Malaka Zarrar and Mohamed Mounir are among them”
Where is Nubia from the constitution ?
The MB students statement
Now I do respect the parliamentarian majority right in drafting the constitution but I would like to hint out that if we consider that every parliamentarian majority has the right to draft the constitution alone then we will have a new constitution every four or five years !!
The constitution is not a majority matter or a book that is written by the majority alone regardless of its identity.
The constitution defines the relation between the citizen and the state , the State identity “I swear to God that even stones in Egypt know that it is Arab country in Africa , its religion is Islam and its language is Arabic !!” and the rights and duties of citizens , president, government , army and governors.. etc. It is beyond political or religious affiliations.
The Muslim brotherhood and the rest of the Islamist groups do not want to understand that in the rest of the world the government and the majority change every couple of years yet the constitution does not change for the change the majority but rather for specific political and social changes in the society after being approved by the public .
Did the French change their constitution which is from the important constitutions in the world based on the change of the majority ? The Americans change their majority between Republicans and Democrats and yet their constitution did not change based on the Republican change or the Democrat change.
Of course the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of the Islamist groups do not believe that anyone will rule instead of them in Egypt and thus they think that they will rule from here to eternity without realizing for one moment that the huge success they achieved in these elections may not be achieved again and they may lose in the next elections.
I admit that I am a romantic person and for months I though that the Muslim brotherhood will have the social intelligence enough to include everybody in Egypt whether other political powers or even consider better geographic/religious/ethnic representation.
Needless from talking with MBs “Hardcore ones” they believe that there is no need for any representations because the Islamists in the assembly “most of them follow the orders of the Muslim brotherhood” do not make mistake and Islam respects human universals and the minorities rights which is the absolutely true. Still we are not taking here about Islam but rather humans who are interpreting the religion from their own perspective. 
The problem of these hardcore MBs and Islamists that they considered women , Non-Muslims and Egyptians from Nubia , from Matrouh and from Sinai as secondary citizens , kids that they , the adults will look after not as equal citizens.
We are having this fight now because simply this is the revolution’s constitution which hundreds paid their lives as price in order to have. We are having this fight because as Egyptians we have all the right to know criteria those 100 names were chosen to draft our constitution , it is not a Samir Magazine for children for God sake !!
By the way the constitution referendum says that the constitution should be drafted after the presidential elections.


  1. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. Illegally occupied Halayeb, which is in effect an open air prison, having unknown puppet civil society heads who are trying to legitimise unilateral, illegal, military occupation is as laughable as when Saddam Hussein installed Alaa Hussein Ali Al-Khafaji Al-Jaber as 'Prime Minister' of the Provisional Government of 'Free Kuwait'.

    The 'real' civil society heads from Halayeb are either in exile outside the occupied region in the Eastern Sudan or Khartoum, or are in Egyptian prisons.

    5 Halayeb civil society activists have died whilst being incarcerated by Egyptian security forces, most notably the former head of Halayeb Council Al-Taher Muhammad Hasaay who was just 40 yeaars old and was tortured so badly he needed an operation which was carried out in the Cairo hospital where he died.

    Taher Muhammad Hasaay, Al-Taher's brother's fate is unknown,

    Muhammad Eissa Saeed has been incarcerated without trial for the past 6 years,

    Hashim Othman who has been incarcerated without trial for the past 2 years,

    Muhammad Saleem 5 years,

    Ali Eissa Abu Eissa 5 years,

    Hashim Othman 2 years,

    Muhammad Tahir Muhammad Saleh 2 years and there are others.

    And I hope the Nubian demonstration will shed light on why it's not a good idea to go to Aswan and to ignore its people.

  3. We will never, ever, ever let the issue of Halayeb go without resorting to international arbitration in the exact similar way that Egypt took its dispute with Israel over Taba to international arbitration.


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