Saturday, March 17, 2012

Egyptian Constitution : 50%-50%

And the parliament “Upper and lower houses” members reached out to the best of form of membership for the constituent assembly after receiving suggestions from the parties and members : 50% of the constituent assembly’s members will be from the members of parliament and other 50% will be from outside the members from prominent personalities , representatives from syndications and unions.

I hate lying and liars Freedom and Justice party as you can recall suggested that the constituent assembly would be consisted of 40% of the MPs and 60% from outside the parliament. Most of the liberal parties and non Islamist parties in the parliament supported this suggestion. From two days ago I remember that I read a statement for one of the MB/FJP leaders in the media saying that the constituent assembly may end to be 30% from MPs and 70% from outside !!

Now earlier today FJP shocked us all by choosing that 50%-50% plan !! So what made them change their mind at the last moment !!?  Already this was not the only shock  of the day the biggest shock is that the 40% MPs-60% from outside suggestion only got 20 votes !!

Now there is an assumption that if the Islamists in the parliament “FJP & Al Nour” are going to be represented in the 50% or rather in the 50 seats , they will take at least 31 seats according to their percentage in the parliament. This is just an assumption.

It is worth to mention that that MB is already controlling several syndications and unions so the MB will have more than share in the constituent assembly , we want a constitution that represents all Egyptians and not only the members of the Muslim brotherhood.


  1. so you were shocked for 10% change! come on!

    This is a mid-way between FJ (40/60 which was really generous) and nour (70/30 restrictive).

    50/50 is not bad. This doesn't give the majority full control and it makes sure that all ideas are represented.

  2. whats the fuss about. IN any other democratic country the constitutional comittee would be formed based on the peoples votes. In which case 75% should be from FJP ad Nour. They are offering to only take around 35% between them in the deal agreed. I think that is more than fair. Don't the secularists realise they don't have a public mandate and are actually calling for an undemocratic representation giving them more influence than the public want.


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