Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breaking News : RIP Pope Shnouda III "Updated"

Just from moments ago it was announced online through MP Marianne Malek that Pope Shenouda III , the head of the Egyptian Orthodox Church has passed away from couple of hours ago.
Pope Shenouda III was 88 years old and he was suffering from several health problems. He has been sick for the past few week.s
Marianne Malek’s father was the legal adviser of Pope Shenouda III
Pope Shenouda III (1923-2011) 
Few moments ago also it is was confirmed Egypt’s general consul in NYC who received a confirmation from Cairo Coptic Church.
My condolences to the Egyptian Orthodox Christians all over the world as well to all Egyptians , we lost not only a religious icon but as well an Egyptian with a long history.

Updated :

It is 7:20 PM and the Egyptian TV has not announced the breaking news !!!!! They did not have got the permission

Updated @7:46 PM :

Late Pope Shenouda III passed away at 1 PM , he suffered from sudden heart attack. The updates about his funeral will be announced later today. Some sources say that the funeral will be held on Tuesday.
The Supreme
Here is a photo shown a kid called Ayman blindfolded while choosing a paper with the name of Pope Shnouda III from 40 years ago to head the church.

Here is another photo the mount the name of Pope Shnouda's name as the head of the Egyptian Orthodox Church was announced
Here is a photo for the kid with Pope Shenouda III. “Thanks to Bassem Sabry”
Pope Shnouda III in 1971
Potential Presidential candidate Amr Moussa has mourned the death in the first reaction for the potential presidential candidate in the country.

Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi has expressed his condolences to the Egyptian Christians as well.
Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel remembered how Pope Shenouda III decided to ban Christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem until it is liberated from Israeli Occupation.

Potential presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh presented his condolences to the Christian brothers.
Potential Presidential Candidate Khaled Ali issued a statement mourning the death of the Pope.
Former Potential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei presented his deep condolences to the Christian brothers.

Update @8:43 PM :

Many Egyptian Christians have headed to Churches right away after hearing the news. El Nahar TV channel is showing footage from inside the Cathedral in Abassiya , Christians inside are crying , praying and even fainting from time to time.
The Egyptian Mufti has issued a statement mourning the pope
The death of Pope Shnouda III won’t affect on the national unity.

Update @9:03 PM :

According to the laws and rulers of the Egyptian Church the body of late Pope will remain for three days on the papal chair in the cathedral where the prayers will be held during that time. The Church is expected to hold his funeral next Tuesday.
I am currently reading the Patriarch law.

Update @10:24 PM :

Here is how the scene at the Cathedral looks like now by dear Farah Saafan

Update @11:52 PM :

Thousands of Christians are currently at the Cathedral now in Cairo as well at the main cathedrals throughout the country. Some Christians will spend the night in the Cathedral.
The body of the late pope is being prepared to be exhibited for three days. The will of Shnouda III will be read tomorrow Sunday.
According to some sources in the Church late Pope Shenouda III will be buried at Saint Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Al Natron according to the late Pope’s will.
Field Marshal Tantawy has given the Egyptian Christians 3 days off in order to see the late Pope’s body in the cathedral one last time. 
Dear friend Farah Saafan is there and managed to entered inside the Cathedral , She talked with some Christians and they told her that they are worried that Pope Shnouda III has passed away in turbulent times yet they have faith in moderate Muslims . There are tearful breakdowns in the Church. Already the mourners have blocked the traffic in Ramses street.

Here are couple of photos from Cathedral from few hours ago.
Egyptian Christians Mourn Pope Shnouda III “AP&Reuters”
The Opera house has suspended its activities for three days in mourning.
The Egyptian Christians as well the rest of the Egyptians will be allowed to one have last look at the late Pope Shnouda III starting from tomorrow’s afternoon. It is expected that SCAF members and Grand Emam of Al Azhar will head to the Cathedral in the morning.
The Churches’ bells are ringing through out the country mourning the late Pope.


  1. Sudanese Observer3/17/2012 07:59:00 PM

    Not that you know any of our religious figures, dead or alive, but our condolences to the Copts of Egypt.

  2. Thank you for writing and respecting our Pope. God bless.

  3. Thankyou God bless you


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