Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mixed thoughts : Regarding the Al Nour Party and its members

These are mixed unarranged thoughts which I am writing down and sharing in order to clear my mind.

  • The Protesters angrily headed to the MOI after the Port Said Stadium massacre , some of Al Nour party members of the parliament shout in the people’s assembly and accuse the protesters of being thugs and agents paid LE 200 and Tramadol pills !!

Then Al Nour party spokesperson Nader Baker apologized saying that Al Nour party MPs did not mean any offense to the protesters or the revolutionaries.

MP Mostafa Bakry speaks about agents working for the States and the Israel then accuses Dr. ElBaradei of supporting these agents , Al Nour party MPs cheer for him.He defends himself later in front of people’s assembly and speaks about foreign funding , conspiracies and ElBaradei and yet again Al Nour party MPs cheer for his pseudo victory.

Then Al Nour party Spokesperson Nader Baker apologized

MP Anwar El Balkimi does a nose job that costs him his political career and Al Nour Party spokesperson yet apologizes once again to the public announcing that the party decided to fire El Balkimi. “There is recent rumor that they did not”

After weeks of apologizing for the behavior of Al Nour party members in the parliament , Bakr seemed to be the Party’s official apologist and not the official spokesperson !!

  • For weeks now it seemed that there is no real synchronization between the party and its MPs and of course if you raise this point , you will find someone telling you that it is a new party and the Salafists are still learning politics and are gaining political experience unlike veteran Muslim brotherhood.

Well it is true that Al Nour party and Salafists are not that experienced like the Muslim brotherhood but this is no time for experimentation and  trial and error way of learning unfortunately.

Already it seems to me that from political point of view that Al Nour party did not screen its members well at least those whom it pushed to the parliament , in fact it seems to me that the only common factor between its members is Salafist way of thinking !!!!

This is not enough for political party. The Muslim brotherhood has got a political project to revive the Islamic Caliphate based on their ideas , other than implementing the Islamic Sharia according to their Ultra conservative understanding I do not know what Al Nour party’s real goals are.

  • It is well known that the Salafists were enforced and supported by the State security during Mubarak’s time as Islamist force against the Muslim brotherhood. It is the like the same game Sadat did in 1970s and blew up in his face. Of course up till now I feel that security apparatuses whether SCAF or the MOI are still allies to the Salafist movements and parties in Egypt.

The famous Sheikhs of Salafist movements were totally against any revolution or political activity against Mubarak. “I have not forgotten how they stood against #Jan25 protests.”

After the revolution also I will not forget how the Salafist Sheikhs in Alexandria approached the families of the martyrs and convinced some of them to withdraw their cases against the ministry of interior.

  • I am against the exclusion of the Salafists on the contrary I wish and hope that from that movement a new party or group that represents the Salafists and does not refuse the other.


  1. I always thought SCAF rigged the vote for Salafists a little bit. Who knows?

    It certainly helps SCAF to show off the world what a bunch of morons the Egypt people elected - makes the dictatorship look almost viable choice. Though if their support is air-inflated the second and third elections sees them vanish.

    Second and third elections are way more important for Egypt. In democracies opposition and government keeps changing. On the other hand look at Putin's Russia as an example. They once democratically chose the Putin's United Russia party, but they decided not to give a second chance for the people.

    Similarly I expect Muslim Brotherhood to be in the opposition after few elections, if not they have built themselves a new NDP.

  2. I'm not at all sure that I can be blase about the Al Nour Party. They clearly have an agenda and they seek to enforce it. I'm afraid that soon Egypt as we have all come to know it will not exist, so beware.
    Here is an open letter that I sent out to radical islamists. I hope they would heed.
    Simultaneously if liberals don't unite forces, Hazim abou Ismail will win. If we spread our votes thin, the Nour united front will end up with a president

  3. I found your blog really interesting. Remember, a Website Spokesperson can be used for different reasons.

    1. I'm the real Jason. The El Naschie Watch Jason. The commenter above is a spambot.

  4. The Salafists have a mixture of motives. A lot of them genuinely believe that general conditions would be better for all if religion guided all spheres of public life. Some of them believe that anyone who disagrees with this idea is an enemy and should be killed.Some of them are power-hungry. Many of them are genuinely devout, truly pious but ahould never be given power over others.

  5. Any type of control including religion is called dictatorship, therefore Egypt will end up with new pharaohs.

  6. This is a little bit Exaggeration! you are combining time-distant, non-related, different people actions to show that this is the trend of nour party.

    The spokesman is he one to say what was arranged and what was personal-move. And he is good at this till now.

    Of course they have mistakes, but they are small. The problem is in our media, which goes to microscopic level when dealing with islamists (FJ and nour party).

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