Saturday, March 24, 2012

#PortSaid and another Sleepless because of the bloody football

Today the Egyptian football association “EFA” has imposed today sanctions of the Port Said massacre on Al Masry Club of Port Said. The football team will be banned from playing for two seasons while the Port Said stadium will be closed for three years.
Now thousands of El Masry fans or rather fanatics in Port Said are furious , having protests since the announcement of the Sanctions. They are not having protests but disturbing flyers with an ultimatum to kick out any Non-Port Saidi outside the town !!  
The flyer "El Masry Club is red line
The protests from couple of hours ago headed to the building of the Suez canal authority in town where the protesters tried to break in to that building !!
Now there are protests , the army is protecting the Suez canal authority building in Port Said and is trying to disperse the protests by force using tear gases and birdshots. The buildings of the Suez canal authority in Port Said , Suez and Ismailia are from the most important vital building in the country.  The navy is already on alert and the military ruler of Port Said is saying that security forces will shot anyone tries to climb the fences.
According to ministry of health 16 citizens have been injured and a 13 years old kid killed from his injury in the hospital “he was shot in the back”.
The ambulance at the scene by Evianoo
Unfortunately nobody from regular people in Egypt will support the people of Port Said when the Suez canal is involved and some of them are portrayed trying to occupy the Suez Canal building there and many people will agree with the use of force.
To be fair according to the people from Port Said who are justifying these protests say that Port Said people are fed up from discrimination and crack down since time of Mubarak “!!” and that they are angry because there are underage detainees from the city arrested after the Port Said stadium massacre despite they did not attend the bloody football match.
Now as usual everybody is defending himself , Ultras Green Eagles of El Masry club accuses SCAF of standing behind these clashes claiming  on its official FB page that they withdrew from the protests this afternoon because they felt that there was something fishy especially that there was no extensive security presence at the Suez canal authority HQ in the city as usual.
Ultras green Eagles statement 
Well I can understand the detainees part despite but if we are going to speak about discrimination and crack down, well Port Said is lucky than Upper Egypt governorate and the bloody crack downs against Islamist militant groups in 1980s and 1990s
Now in Cairo , Ultras Ahlaway believes that these are soft sanctions and decided to have protests tomorrow in front of the EFA HQ in Cairo. Personally I agree with UA07 these are soft sanctions.
Another sleepless night and another round of young men get killed technically for nothing.

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