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Presidential Elections 2012 : Regarding Omar Soliman’s candidacy and all the other Gentlemen from the GIS

From couple of weeks there have been strong rumors in the media that Omar Soliman , the former VP and ex-GIS chief was going to run for presidency which were denied completely by journalist Adel Hammouda if you remember.
Then despite he did not announce that he will run we find his unofficial presidential candidacy support campaign had held a press conference in some Cairo where the famous 1980s stand up comedian Hammada Sultan announced his endorsement to the former VP. Most people took it as a joke still his unofficial support did not and we found them claiming that the former Lt.General has got 30,000 Powers of attorneys “PAs”.
Presidential elections PA to Soliman 
Then yesterday we got news reports that Soliman was going to run for presidency.
Now it is worth to mention that last week Omar Soliman appeared in public recently more than usual : One at some mosque after Friday prayer where he told his supporters that he does not want to run for presidency because he fears to be assassinated by agents and traitors !!! “Who are these agents and traitors !!? Not to mention why the hell would I elect a person who is afraid on his life in this way !!?“ 
Omar Soliman in Da Mosque "Al Hayaa media" 
I found that photo in some Pro-Omar Soliman news website called “Al Hayaa” and honestly Soliman has hit rock bottom when it comes to this type of media as well type of supporters like  Hassan El Ghandor !! { Ghandor is one of the biggest and famous Pro-Mubarak supporters aka Mubarak’s children who abducted Amr Gharbia and bragged on how he and the rest of his Pro-Mubarak gang attacked MP El Khodiary in 2011. He used to a conscript in the Republican guard.}
The second time he appeared in public was at the A class wedding of Heba Serg El Din and Faiz Abaza that was labeled the biggest wedding in Egypt after the revolution.
May be this was a normal appearance if we took in consideration that Faiz Abaza is the brother of Omar Soliman’s son in law Farag Abaza , the famous Cars dealer. Needless to say there are lots of questions of marks as well rumors about Farag Abaza and whether he used his father in law’s position.
Heba Serg El Din, Soliman , Awatef Serg El Din and Faiz Abaza
El Fagr news portal
I do not think that Soliman will be able to run or can run for real or even has a chance. The Muslim brotherhood or as he calls them Brother Muslimhood voting bloc made it clear that they will endorse a candidate with Islamist background and will not support a former Mubarak’s official. The Salafists will not vote for him. He got strong competition from Ahmed Shafik and Amr Moussa.
Regionally I doubt that Soliman will be welcomed as the president of Egypt. Last month we found a recording that found its way interestingly online and raised many question marks, that recording is allegedly a conversation between Qaddafi and Omar Soliman where the later attacks the Americans, Saudi Royal family and Muslim brotherhood. “He will not get the MB endorsement for sure”
Omar Soliman and Qaddafi : It is a conspiracy
We do not know who recorded this conversation or how it was leaked “allegedly it was leaked from the Libyan intelligence” or why it was leaked in this particular time except that it may have ruin a possible job opportunity for Soliman in Saudi Arabia. “Still Soliman could have been playing a double agent game for the Saudis then , we do not know the whole truth in this game of nations”
Soliman is also haunted by the rendition scandals not to mention he is a lost card when it comes to the States and the West.
Aside from being powerful part in Mubarak’s regime for over a decade , Soliman failed in his job to protect Mubarak’s regime after what happened in January 2011 and that’s enough reason not to elect him as the president of Egypt.
If Soliman is really going to run , I think it will be for his ego as this is a man who waited for long to be the president and suddenly a revolution takes place and he is two steps away from the presidential palace but unfortunately the people did not want him !!
After nearly 2 decades of being one of the most important men in the MENA he is now retired with fears of being stalked legally and surrounded with bunch of hypocrites can make him not to think straight aside from any other political plans.
Officially we got two potential presidential candidates who used to work GIS other than Soliman who announced that they will run in the race: Hossam Khairallah and Mamdouh Qtoub.
Hossam Khairallah and his campaign were accused of paying bribes in couple of governorates by Abu El Fatouh and  to gather the 30,000 PAs to get qualified for the race.The last thing we know about Khairallah we have heard about is he was officially endorsed by El Salam PartySocial Peace party”. Thus he will run officially in the presidential race.
Mamdouh Qtub is another intelligence officer or rather another former director general in the GIS running for the presidential post. We were introduced to as a diplomat from couple of years ago when he was captured by some militant group in Iraq that he befriended and considered as heroic resistance group !!!
Interesting Qtoub presents himself as someone with Islamist background , his mother is an Islamist preacher and he knows how to recite Holy Quran in different, in fact he said that he used to teach those Iraqi militants who abducted him how to read Quran.
Qtoub is from the founders of the Hadara Party “Islamist moderate party” which got 4 seats in the parliament yet the party denied that it will officially endorse him.
Personally I know from some trusted sources that both Khairallah and Qotub got no support from the GIS. In fact I doubt that they will make it to the expected the runoffs.
Back to Omar Soliman I do not think that he is the military’s candidate because honestly one thing for sure they will be idiots to divide the votes they are allegedly targeting between Amr Moussa , Ahmed Shafik , Omar Soliman , Mohamed Salim El Awa , Hossam Khairallah , Mamdouh Qotub !!!


  1. SCAF candidate will be supported by a major party. Period.

    1. The majority party has its second thought plus they made it clear :Islamist background + No Mubarak regime background

  2. This latest accusation by the Gulf fits with what Soliman is saying. It seems to me that the USA is funding the MB to counteract the Wahabi gulf and fracture it into splinters disuniting the entire region. Breaking it up into fighting factions to control the oil easier.
    Soliman conversation with Gadafy could be true and USA is behind much of what is going on in this region. There is no doubt that the Wahabi are spreading like wildfire and need to be contained and the only ones to do it are MB and the tape says USA are funding the MB.

  3. "It seems to me that the USA is funding the MB" HAHAHA, well, like many Egyptians you are a deranged conspiracy theorist. Thanks for the laugh.


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