Thursday, March 22, 2012

Who is the Real Supreme Guide of Muslim brotherhood ?

Who is the real supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood ? Who is the real decision maker in the brotherhood ?
Khairat El Shater 
Is the real supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood , Egypt’s biggest movement  really Mohamed Badie or his deputy chairman Khairat El Shater !? It seems to me that the second man in MB is actually the first man.
In the past few months anyone could not ignore that the man chosen by Foreign policy magazine as one of the most important thinkers in the world in 2011 was running the show when it comes to the Muslim brotherhood more than Mohamed Badie.
For months now we ready in the newspapers that El Shater met with Senator McCain , El Shater met with SCAF members , El Shater met with Hamas leaders and El Shater travelled to Qatar to have talks with officials there about the future of the region now !!
Khairat El Shater’s office is making calls with this and that , El Shater’s aides speak to this and that when they want to spread a certain message to the public or certain parties or even activists.
For weeks now we know that his name is being repeated as a potential prime minister pushed by the Muslim brotherhood then as a potential presidential candidate.
Needless to say I have heard from close sources to Muslim brotherhood as well from ex-MB members ‘mainly from youth’ that if the MB chooses El Shater as its official presidential candidate. Despite El Shater claimed that he does not want to run and despite some sources claim that Freedom and Justice party does not want him either , his name is still repeated on a daily basis in the media.
I know that the guidance office in the brotherhood is the highest executive office , its true kitchen which controls the brotherhood politically,religiously financially and socially and that office since 2009 is being controlled by the Qutbist conservative branch of the Muslim brotherhood that is sticking to the ideas of Sayid Qutb but the name of El Shater seemed to be playing a big role in the Muslim brotherhood decision making thanks to his financial roles I suppose. “I am still not that deep in MB affairs and issues”
El Shater’s importance in the Muslim brotherhood came from the fact that he is the man who invests the brotherhood’s money in projects appearing in public as the main financer of the brotherhood.
Back to the first question , my idea is that I feel that Mohamed Badie is just a decoration while El Shater is the real guide for the brotherhood that needs to be opened more when it presents itself as alternative regime to Egypt whether as a government or a presidential candidate project.
For instance El Shater who is now being groomed as either Egypt’s prime minister or even as Egypt’s president yet up till this moment we do not know anything about his fortune , we do not know anything about his financial records !! It is like accepting blindly another businessman/tycoon as the ruler of Egypt without knowing every penny he got and will have got from companies , otherwise what is the difference between Ahmed Ezz and El Shater !!
Heavens forbid if we mention that up till now we have not seen the financial records and sources of Freedom and Justice and Muslim brotherhood other than what we know that the MB members have to pay certain percentage annually from their income to the brotherhood and that this percentage increases with the income increase. Updated : According to a member in the brotherhood this subscription is increased by seniority in the group
Of course the talk about MB , El Shater and the future is too long , so that’s for now folks


    Those were the days.

  2. In a religious system or party, it is whoever has doctrinal precedence to issue rulings and fatwas. Judging from the Iranian Shite experience, Khomenei was that person and hence absolute, unchallenged ruler in the 1st years until his death.

    He could interfere in the smallest decisions including defense, security, foreign affairs, justice or the economy. With his successor Khamenei, personal rule could go even farther and did. In 2009, he confirmed Ahmadinijad by decree, when most indications are he only got 1/3 of the vote using all the means of patronage at his disposal and backed by the Supreme Leader whose decisions cannot be appealed. Lately the SL has set about destroying Ahmad. and there is nothing to stop him from doing so.

    There are individuals with greater religious qualifications but they can be sidelined, forced into silence or coopted as they have been. The only way a religous leader can be challenged is by another religous leader and that is unlikely. A religious leader cannot be challenged by a secular leader under that kind of system,no matter how competent he is.

    In Turkey, the president is still strong. In Saudi Arabia, it is the royal family. In Pakistan, the military. But in all 3 countries the clerical elite have the potential to rival the other power centers. And have done so in the past.


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