Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day From Egyptian Chronicles

Happy mother’s Day to all the amazing and wonderful mothers that read and follow the Egyptian Chronicles not only in Egypt but in the whole world even those moms who do not celebrate it today.
Special Happy mother’s day to the strong mothers of martyrs in Egypt ,Syria, Yemen, Libya , Bahrain and Tunisia as well Palestine and the rest of the world who had to lose their kids throughout the year because of bloody politics.
Google Egypt got the best doodle for the occasion.

I do not know if we are going to continue to celebrate the Mother’s Day in Egypt as we have used to since 1950s in Egypt as the Salafists think we should not because it is not part of Islamic traditions “despite the date was the idea of two Muslim twins Mustafa and Ali Amin” and because they believe everyday is a mother’s day for mothers.
Well theoretically we should make everyday a mother’s day but practically we do not because life is not that easy. The Mother’s Day is not against Islam and honestly I can’t believe myself speaking about this matter in 2012 !!!
Another thing the Mother’s Day is being exploited commercially just like  the Valentine Day , plus honestly why some boys and men believe it is cool to give mothers kitchen appliances as mother’s day gift !!
In this merry occasion , I would like to share this song of legendary Soad Hosni Smile
Soad Hosni : Good morning my majesty
By the way the lyrics of that song was written by Salah Jahin and its music was composed by Kamel EL Tawil , May Allah bless their souls.
Happy mother’s day Smile

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  1. This is the first time on this site and i love it, thank you for sharing this information, i live in USA and it's nice to go to a nice site like this, thank you again and Happy Mother's Day... :-)


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