Sunday, March 25, 2012

Egyptian Constitution : The 100 names are there

And the Parliament has chosen the members of the constituent assembly that will draft our next constitution. Half of the members “50%” in the assembly are from the parliament “People’s assembly and Shura council” and the other half is from prominent figures representing allegedly the society.
The 50 members of the parliament are classified as follows :
There are three women in the 50 MPs in the constituent assembly , two from FJP and one from Wafd party. There are two Christian MPs only “Ehab Kharat and Margaret Azar”.
The other 50 members from outside parliament were chosen as well, there are many names I do not recognize but there are certain names that gave me hope. “Despite I know that they can withdraw at anytime.”
Among these names I know:
  • Ahmed Harara “Yes Dr.Ahmed Harara who lost both his eyes in 2011 during the early days of the revolution and Mohamed Mahmoud clashes”
  • Rafik Habib “ An Arab nationalist Protestant Christian thinker and writer who is close to the MB that he is the deputy chairman of  Freedom and justice ”
  • Atef El Banna “ a professor of constitutional law”
  • Nasr Farid Wasal “ The former Mufti of Egypt”
  • Nadia Mostafa “a professor of political sciences”
  • Mohamed Amara “An Islamist thinker”
  • Ibrahim El Arabi “The famous Egyptian businessman and industrialist of Toshiba El Arabi”
  • Moatez Abdel Fatah “ The famous political sciences professor and expert”
  • Abdel Ghafar Shukr “ The leftist leading figure in Tagammu party”
  • Ahmed El Nagar “ The famous economic researcher”
  • Mona Makram Ebeid “ Famous politician , she is a woman , a Christian and liberal”
  • Farouk Goweida “ Famous poet and writer”
  • Hossam El Ghariany “ The head of the supreme council of judiciary , close to the Muslim brotherhood and they thought of pushing him towards the presidential elections but he refused”
  • Mohamed Abu El Ghar “ The famous liberal figure heads the Egyptian Social democratic party , the famous doctor also a member in the 9th March movement for universities’ independence”
  • Sameh Ashour “The head of the lawyers’ syndication , a Nasserite”
  • Ashraf Abdel Ghafour “ The heads of the actors’ syndication , an actor”
  • Mohamed El Tahatawy  “ The former diplomat and ex-official spokesperson of Al Azhar who resigned in solidarity with the revolution in its early days , he is the grandson of famous Rafa’a El Tahatawy”
  • El Siyad El Badawy “ The head of the Al Wafd party”
  • Fatima Abu Ziad “ A Muslim brotherhood sister and a member in the guidance office”
  • Former Police General Emad Hussein “ The minister of interior’s assistant and the head of Police academy , he is representing the Police force”
  • Lt. General Mamdouh Shahin “ The minister of defense’ assistant for legal affairs as well member of SCAF , he is representing the Egyptian armed forces”
  • Nadr Bakr “ The spokesperson of Al Nour party , Salafist
  • Magdy Shenouda “ Late Pope Shenouda’s lawyer ”
  • Judge Nabil Marhim “ A member of the Church’s General congregation council , I think he is representing the Church” 
The rest of the names are unknown to me , some of them represent unions and syndications , others are sheikhs. I think we will know them by tomorrow. I want to see if there is representation for ethnic groups in Egypt as well the representation of the disabled.
There are three women only in those 50 and thus the total of number of women participating in the constituent assembly is 6 !! This is huge participation indeed !!  There are 4 Christians I found in those 50 so far including Mona Ebeid.
There are 20 substitutes for both groups.
Already I do not know why someone like Nader Bakr is in the assembly where as someone like Dr. ElBaradei is not in it.Also I wished to see human rights activists in that assembly.
Those hundred men and women will be remembered in our history either they will be praised or shunned.
It is worth to mention that several parties have withdrawn from the process like El Adl party for what they considered an exclusion process to the rest of the society.
You can read the full list in details in Arabic from Shorouk news.
Now interestingly enough here is the constituent assembly that draft our constitution in 1923 , our first real constitution in the 20th century.
Constituent assembly in 1920s
The constituent assembly then included a kid representing the Egyptian schools and a university student representing Egyptian universities.
Waiting to see a similar photo for that upcoming constituent assembly like this.


  1. It is going to be a farce. Just like everything else in the country. What future? The army has won and have played it out exactly the way they wanted. Egypt will go back to the stone ages thanks to the Islamists

  2. Whoever is elected President is going to be a figurehead, while the real power will continue to be in the hands of the military machine.
    The more things change in Egypt, the more they remain the same.


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