Sunday, March 25, 2012

An intelligence PR : You need more than Op-eds , closed doors meetings and Facebook Pages

No one can ignore that Op-ed Ibrahim Eissa wrote last week defending the General Intelligence “GIS” and praising its chief Mouard Mowafi that made several Pro-Revolution Anti-SCAF activists and writers like dear Sarah Othman extremely angry from Eissa.
It is worth to mention that Eissa was promoting for Omar Soliman’s presidential candidacy in Dostor for years before the revolution.
Eissa’s Op-ed came right after a visit made by Dr. Hazem Abdel Azim to the GIS by the request of Mouard Mowafi to clarify some points. Abdel Azim used to accuse the GIS of fighting the revolution yet after two hours with Mowafi he had the impression that the bureau is not fighting the revolution on the contrary it supports it. The conclusion you got from note of Abdel Azim is that Mowafi is saying that he and the GIS are the good guys !!
It is worth to say that Mowafi used to meet with political powers and figures like Muslim brotherhood and ElBaradei , human rights activists like Khaled Ali and Hussein Shabaan and youth activists throughout 2010 whether for negotiations or just enhancing the GIS’s image.
The last thing I found very interesting is that we got a new Facebook page of GIS officers for revolution !!! Oh yes I saw it and it has the same nonsense that we support the revolution , we will purge the GIS , Viva la revolution “You know I had enough from these stupid FB pages”
Is this some kind of a hidden PR campaign we are witnessing by the GIS ? Well the GIS does not need all that , the only thing it does need is a little transparency in that time of chaos in order to know on which side the GIS is. 


  1. Dear zenobia, the link to Eissa op-ed need to be corrected.

  2. There is no doubt that some elements of military/security did take risk in not implementing fully the orders of the head of state. This can end up as a dangerous charge of treason. So I wouldn't condemn all of them. Look at Syria, if you want know how the situation could have been different.


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